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Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. These Life Vest Storage Bags Are a Must-Have!

    It's important to keep your Life Vests in a safe place and you'll know where to find them with these Life Vest Storage Bags! Store your Life Vests in these convenient Life Vest Storage Bags that are designed to hold 4 Life vests. Tailored to fit Type II life vests or boat cushions and has mesh air vents on 4 sides that allow for fast drying.

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  2. These Two Pocket Lifeguard Hip Packs Are Convenient for Lifeguards!

    These Two Pocket Lifeguard Hip Packs have two separate pockets that allow for easy access to all of your Lifeguard essentials, such as Pocket Masks and more. Available in many colors that will coordinate with any Lifeguard uniform and includes Lifeguard logo. Keep all of your Lifeguard essentials right at your side with the Two Pocket Lifeguard Hip Pack!

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  3. If You're Ready to Upgrade Your Lifeguard Uniform, the Lifeguard Polo Shirt is the Way to Go!

    Complete your Lifeguard uniform with a Lifeguard Polo Shirt! These Lifeguard Polo Shirts provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in Lifeguard Red™ or White with Embroidered Lifeguard logo included.

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  4. The Passive Doll - Child is Ideal for Training!

    This Passive Doll - Child is ideal for training or water clarity checking. Demonstrate passive victim on the bottom. Lightweight and compact for easy storage. Order for your facility today!

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  5. The Kevin Mouthpiece for CPR Manikins is Perfect for Rescue Breathing Training!

    This Kevin Mouthpiece for CPR Manikins features a half face and is easy to remove or replace and can be sanitized for reuse even after use by multiple students! Perfect for rescue breathing training!

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