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Monthly Archives: December 2022

  1. This Convenient Rescue Mask w/ Pouch - Adult and Infant Mask is Just What You Need!

    If you are looking for an adult and infant mask in a convenient pouch, then the Rescue Mask w/ Pouch - Adult and Infant Mask is just what you need! Contains 1 Adult Rescue Mask w/ O2 Inlet, 1 Infant size Rescue Mask w/o O2 Inlet, 1 pair of gloves and 1 first aid pouch. Perfect for lifeguards!

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  2. This Rescue Mask - Adult and Infant Mask is Essential!

    This Rescue Mask - Adult and Infant Mask contains 1 adult rescue mask w/ O2 inlet, 1 Infant size rescue mask w/o O2 inlet and 1 pair of gloves. This Rescue Mask is reusable and easy to clean, making it convenient for lifeguards and first responders!

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  3. This Rescue Tube Extension Strap is Perfect When You Need a Longer Strap!

    This Rescue Tube Extension Strap is perfect for situations when you need a longer strap. Ideal for Lifeguards to have on hand when needed! Purchase this Rescue Tube Extension Strap today!

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  4. Secure Your Rescue Tube Strap With this Strap Secure!

    This Neoprene strap for use with The LIFE™ Tube and other rescue tubes makes for a convenient way to secure your rescue tube straps! Secure your rescue tube strap with the Strap Secure!

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    #tubes, #tube, #straps, #Strap, #secure, #rescue, #lifeguards, #lifeguard, #life
  5. Protect Your Rescue Tubes with this Rescue Tube Sleeve!

    This Rescue Tube Sleeve is a quality neoprene sleeve for use with all tubes and includes "Guard" lettering. If you're looking for a way to protect your rescue tubes, then this Rescue Tube Sleeve is the way to go! Ideal for lifeguards!

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    #tubes, #tube, #sleeve, #rescue, #lifeguards, #lifeguard, #guard
  6. This Rescue Mask Pouch is Convenient for Busy Lifeguards!

    This Rescue Mask Pouch securely holds Seal Quik™ or Pocket Mask and includes an embroidered lifeguard logo. Attach this Rescue Mask Pouch to your rescue tube for fast access to your rescue-breathing mask! Convenient for busy Lifeguards!

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    #tubes, #tube, #rescue, #pouch, #mask, #lifeguards, #lifeguard
  7. Show Appreciation for Hard Working Lifeguards With the Guard of the Month Rescue Tube Sleeve!

    Show appreciation for hard working lifeguards with this Guard of the Month Rescue Tube Sleeve! With "GUARD OF THE MONTH" lettering included, this is the perfect way to make Lifeguards feel appreciated!

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    #tubes, #tube, #sleeve, #rescue, #month, #lifeguards, #lifeguard, #guard
  8. This Deluxe Small Rescue Tube Cover is More Than Just a Rescue Tube Cover!

    This Deluxe Small Rescue Tube Cover features built in Strap Secure and ventilated mask pocket making it ideal for a Pocket Mask or SEAL QUIK™ Mask Kit and includes "Guard" lettering. More convenient features than just a rescue tube cover! Perfect rescue tube cover for Lifeguards!

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