Lifeguard Chair

Recently, has unveiled a series of new colors for their lifeguard chairs.

These colors range from a more vibrant spectrum including teal, red, and aqua to eye-catching yet natural looking colors such as green, cedar and sand!

No matter where you belong, has a lifeguard chair that will accommodate any aquatic facility. These chairs are perfect for your home as well.

These high quality lifeguard chairs are maintenance free and will never need painting or staining. There are no straps to replace and will never rot, splinter, or rust as they are made from recycled plastic!

They are good for the environment and is not effected by salt water. The sturdy construction will last for years and is easy to maintain and clean!

These colorful lifeguard chairs will be the highlight of your pool, beach, athletic club or even your own personal pool at home.

With as many colors as offers for lifeguard chairs, isn't it time to get colorful?

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