The new USCG Approved LIFE RING™ makes a splash at the World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL) in Palm Bay, Florida. Palm Bay Fire Rescue and the Palm Bay Recreation Department teamed up with the Florida Swimming Pool Association at the Palm Bay Aquatic Center for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ with the purpose of teaching about water safety and awareness.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ is a drowning prevention event launched by the World Waterpark Association. The program takes place at all types of aquatic facilities and is supported by leading aquatics and safety organizations around the world.

The USCG Approved rescue LIFE RING™ was demonstrated at the event where children were able to practice tossing the LIFE RING™ into the pool and pulling the LIFE RING™ while a victim was holding onto it.

This groundbreaking new lifesaving device has been in development for several years and is now available for purchase. has been working with the United States Coast Guard for most of that time to ensure that the new rescue LIFE RING buoy meets and or exceeds the USCG regulations for this type of lifesaving rescue device. The LIFE RING is ideal for commercial and residential swimming pools, boating watercraft, beaches, resorts, hotels, lakes, camps, as well as waterparks. Among its many innovative new features are the ultra-durable closed cell foam which will outlast old vinyl-dipped rings by years, and its molded in LIFE GRIPS™ that give victims and rescuers more surface area to hang on and hold on to.

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