LIFE Whistle

One of the things that sets apart from any other lifeguard equipment company is our penchant to develop exciting new industry leading products.

With four different styles of our pealess LIFE Whistle™ in 20 different colors, you are assured a whistle for any situation!

With colors ranging from fluorescent pink, deep sea blue, lime green and mango orange, to our metallic silver and copper colors, there is a color to fit every mood and need.

Here is a full list of colors for our LIFE Whistle™!

Lifeguard Red, Navy, Royal Blue, Black, Blueberry, Copper, Deep Sea, Green, Hot Pink, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Papaya, Pink, Purple, Sapphire, Storm, Strawberry, White, Yellow

LIFE Whistle

The LIFE Whistle™ comes in four different variations: Classic, Cushion Mouth Grip, Mini, and Pod.

These designs are sleek, stylish, and designed to perform with excellence. is proud to offer the LIFE Whistle™ as well as lanyards to match the many colors we offer for the LIFE Whistle™!

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