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As a former Aquatics Specialist & Lifeguard Instructor responsible for over 200 Lifeguards and 40 Aquatics Facilities in Waterpark, Pool, and Open Water settings, I was on a mission to SOLVE the problem that has plagued Lifeguards almost since the invention of the old vinyl coated rescue tube invented in the 1960s. The problem WAS the cracking, ripping, and peeling of the vinyl and foam material of the vinyl tubes that created a potential biohazard situation, not to mention countless dollars spent to replace them each year.

The SOLUTION came in 2015 with the invention of the LIFE™ Rescue Tube. In addition to being the longest lasting Rescue Tube ever invented, it doesn't absorb hazardous bodily fluids like the old tubes. Upon inventing the LIFE™ Tube, we also quickly found out that it performs circles around the old vinyl tubes. LIFE Tubes can do all the standard lifesaving maneuvers but also a whole lot more. New LIFE Tube Entries are faster and better and allow Lifeguards to keep their eyes fixed on the victims (guests in distress). LIFE Tube Rescue Maneuvers are faster and give Lifeguards more control over the rescue thanks to LIFE GRIPS™.

The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the best selling rescue tube in the world and growing every day!

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