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  1. Lifeguards are Lifelong Lifesavers!

    Lifeguards are lifelong lifesavers and you can proudly display that message with this Lifeguard Lifelong Lifesaver Bumper Sticker! Makes a perfect lifeguard incentive! Order for yourself or any lifeguard you know!

  2. The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker Reminds Everyone Just How Important Lifeguards Are!

    The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker shows just how important lifeguards are! This sticker is a perfect reminder of how important is it for everyone to swim near a lifeguard! Available to be used indoors and outdoors, you'll find the perfect place to display this special message!

  3. Show Your Appreciation for Lifeguards With This I Heart Lifeguards Bumper Sticker!

    Show your appreciation for lifeguards with this I Heart Lifeguards Bumper Sticker! These bumper stickers make great lifeguard incentives or simply purchase one for yourself to show your appreciation!

  4. When out in the water, it's very important to "Mind The Rip"!

    When out in the water, it's very important to "Mind The Rip"! Purchase this 9" Wide x 2 1/4" Tall Mind The Rip Bumper Sticker to display as a reminder of how important it is!


    Swim Near a Lifeguard!

    Picked up this great Lifeguard Bumper Sticker, put out by the USLA Southeast Region, at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. Very smart advice! Swim Near a Lifeguard!

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