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  1. Rescue Tube Sets Buoyancy Standard!

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    The Lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube is very buoyant and all 3 sizes meet or exceed the American Red Cross specification for rescue tube buoyancy of 100 Newtons (LIFE™ UNITS). The exclusive proprietary foam used to make the LIFE Rescue Tube has greater buoyancy, inch per inch, than the old vinyl coated tube.

    For more information about Buoyancy and The LIFE™ UNIT Buoyancy Classification System click here!

  2. eLifeguard.com® Introduces Universal Classification for Buoyancy


    eLifeguard.com® is proud to introduce the LIFE UNIT™ Buoyancy Classification System.

    The LIFE UNIT™ Buoyancy Classification System was developed to provide lifesavers and aquatic patrons with an internationally accepted method of determining the available buoyancy of water rescue and safety devices. For example, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube has 115 LIFE UNITS™ of available buoyancy and is therefore classified as 115 on the LIFE UNITS™ Classification System Scale.

    One LIFE UNIT™ (LU) is the force required to accelerate one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared.

    1 LU = 1 kg * m/s2

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