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  1. The Recycled Plastic Rescue Can Holder is a Must-Have!


    The Recycled Plastic Rescue Can Holder is a must-have! Makes it convenient for lifeguards to have their rescue can close by! Order this great accessory for your lifeguard chair today!

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  2. This Recycled Plastic Rescue Equipment Caddy is Perfect for Lifeguards!


    Lifeguards use a lot of equipment and this Recycled Plastic Rescue Equipment Caddy provides a convenient way to keep their equipment organized and in one place. It is designed to hold one rescue can, 2+ rescue boards and umbrellas! Sturdy construction - lasts for years! Perfect for lifeguards!

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  3. The Recycled Plastic Ring Buoy Holder is a Must-Have Accessory for Your Lifeguard Chair!


    The Recycled Plastic Ring Buoy Holder is ideal for holding our 20", 24" and 30" ring buoys! This Ring Buoy Holder is a must-have accessory for your lifeguard chair! Order yours today!

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  4. Keep Beverages Close By With this Universal Recycled Plastic Cup Holder!


    Staying hydrated is very important for lifeguards and this Universal Recycled Plastic Cup Holder is perfect for keeping beverages close by! This cup holder is maintenance free and is made from recycled milk containers! It is resistant to salt water and you can leave it out year round! Sturdy construction - lasts for years!

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  5. Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chairs Perfect For Lifeguards

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    Lifeguards, in general, are very conscientious about preserving the environment. Recycled plastic Lifeguard Chairs are perfect for swimming pools, beaches, lakefronts, and waterparks. We at eLifeguard.com® pride ourselves in minimizing our environmental impact as a company. We also strive to make the highest quality innovative lifeguard products that revolutionize the lifeguard industry. Pictured here is a new batch of recycled plastic lumber (EverLumber™) that is ready to make the next generation of industry changing Lifeguard Chairs.

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  6. Should I Buy Everondack or Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs?

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    Trying to decide which brand of lifeguard chairs to purchase for your aquatic facility? Here are some things to consider when deciding between Everondack® and Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs. Both are made in the USA from recycled plastic, Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs however are Lifeguard designed and custom crafted to the highest set of quality standards. They also have a superior 5 year warranty. As Lifeguards and Aquatic Professionals you deserve the highest quality products for your aquatic facility and Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are second to none!

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