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  1. This Replacement Seat and Back is Just What You Need for Your Portable Guard Station!

    Are the seat and back of your Portable Guard Station in need of replacement? Then this Replacement Seat and Back for the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station is just what you need! Features superior Velcro seat bottom with no straps to tear, high density foam seat cushion fitted with outdoor quality canvas and a durable printed "LIFEGUARD" Logo on chair back.

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  2. Purchase this Replacement Seat and Back When Your LG 200 Lifeguard Chair is Ready for Replacements!

    When the back and seat of your LG 200 Lifeguard Chair are ready to be replaced, there's no need to buy a whole new chair, simply purchase this Replacement Seat and Back! Made of weather-resistant Sunbrella® brand fabric and includes an embroidered Lifeguard logo on chair back.

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  3. This All Purpose Lifeguard Seat Provides Comfort Wherever You Go!


    This All Purpose Lifeguard Seat Provides Comfort Wherever You Go! Features include an elastic band to secure to chairs, back panel with zippered pocket for quick storage and double carrying handles. Perfect for lifeguards everywhere!

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  4. The Infant Seat Kradle is a must-have!

    The Infant Seat Kradle allows for a safe, temporary hold for your children! This convenient, portable Infant Seat Cradle is a must-have! Order yours today!

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  5. The Child Protection Seat is Important to Have in Aquatic Facilities!

    The Child Protection Seat allows for an upright and secure wall seat to place your child in safely. This is important to have in aquatic facilities and other facilities!

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