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  1. Check Out Our Great Selection of SKWIM™ Products!


    Check out the great selection of SKWIM™ products in our SKWIM™ Category! You'll find everything you need for SKWIM™! SKWIM™ is an exciting water game and is ideal for water safety, junior lifeguards, lifeguard training and recreation!

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  2. The EcoBlast™ Sport Air Horn is Ideal for Sporting Events!

    The EcoBlast™ Sport Air Horn is Ideal for sporting events - stadium safe and no chemicals! It can be heard up to one mile (1.6 km) away! Up to 50 half-second blasts per 80 psi charge. The EcoBlast™ Sport rechargeable safety signal air horn can be refilled by any bicycle pump, air compressor or local service station. For use in all types of weather!

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  3. The Lifeguard Super Proback - High Sport Cut is a Great Value!

    Are you looking for a great deal on a suit for your lifeguard uniform, but don't want to compromise on quality? Then the Lifeguard Super Proback - High Sport Cut is the one for you! Features include wide non-slip straps, low drag profile and embroidered lifeguard logo!

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  4. This Lifeguard Sport Parka w/ Hood is Ideal for Lifeguards!

    This Lifeguard Sport Parka w/ Hood is ideal for lifeguards! Features include 100% nylon shell, Microfleece lining, lightweight polyfill insulation, extra 5" of length, accessible multimedia zip pocket, two large hand-warmer pockets, adjustable cuffs, drawcord hem and is water-resistant. With all of these great features, you can't go wrong!

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