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This SKWIM™ Goal for the international water sport SKWIM is made from durable light weight plastic.

  • SKWIM™ Goals includes:
    • 1 PVC Flagpole
      • 0.75" Inside Diameter 
      • 1.1" Outside diameter
    • 1 Nylon Flag
      • Red
      • Blue
    • 1 Axel
    • 1 Lid
    • 1 Basin
    • 1 Ramp
    • 2 Carabiner
    • 1 Plastic Chain
  • Dimensions: 6' 6" Diameter
  • Made from durable light weight plastic.
  • Recomended 15 lbs - 20 lbs square or triangle weight to have as an anchor. (Sold Separately)

What Aquatics Professionals, Swimmers & lifeguards are saying:

"...we are interested in offering SKWIM again this summer"

"I would like to request that you strongly consider adding the sport of Skwim to the schedule at your pool. My son is 13 and absolutely loves the sport! The way he can move so quickly in the water with the Skwim fins adds to the excitement of the game. Much like water polo combined with Frisbee wtih fins, the sport is not only fun to participate in but is also fun to watch! I see many different ages and abilities on the water, but Coach Kevin McCarthy works with each and every one of them, inspiring them, challenging them, seeing marked improvement in a relatively short amount of time. This sport is fantastic and needs a chance to catch on. It would be a great public relations kudos for your Pool, being one of the first in the area to support such an exciting sport! At the same time bringing in revenue to your facility. In the past two years that my son has participated in the sport, the number of members has grown at a very impressive rate. Thank you for considering this request. It's always sad to me when this fun sport ends at the end of the summer. It would be great to know of somewhere it can continue to thrive. Sincerely, Parent"

"I started playing skwim when I noticed it was offered at my neighborhood public pool on Friday nights. My friends and I became regulars because of the welcoming nature of the game, and how easy it was to integrate new people into, even non-swimmer friends, making for a fun Friday night activity. As a former collegiate swimmer myself, I love how casual a way it is to enjoy the water and still get a workout, without the pressure of intervals and with a mixed bag of people. I hope to see skwim everywhere someday!"

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