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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  1. 2015 Lookbook for eLifeguard.com®


    eLifeguard.com® has revealed their new Lookbook for the 2015 Season to highlight popular and trending products!

    The Lookbook features 20 pages that display exclusive products sold only by eLifeguard.com®

    Lookbooks are being mailed to customers with their orders -- look out for your copy!

    You are able to view the eLifeguard.com® 2015 Lookbook by clicking here!


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  2. Happy Mother's Day 2015 From eLifeguard.com™!

    To celebrate lifeguard mothers and their profession, eLifeguard.com™ has a line of products catered for lifeguard moms.

    Mothers Day

    The Lifeguard Mom t-shirt displays your profession with pride!

    A teddy bear dressed as a lifeguard is the perfect gift for a lifeguard mother!

    Pink lanyards and LIFE™ Whistles are a great gift as well!

    eLifeguard.com™ has lifeguard moms in mind with their excellent products and prices!


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  3. The Lifeguard Rescue Tube Reinvented!™

    In the lifeguarding world, lifeguard technology is consistently evolving to provide lifesavers with the most recent and efficient lifeguard equipment available.

    eLifeguard.com yet again proves that they are always the forerunner in developing the latest and greatest lifeguard equipment by introducing the LIFE™ Rescue Tube!

    LIFE Rescue Tube

    Made from a light but durable foam that will never crack or peel, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube features molded LIFE GRIPS™ and a replaceable strap. Four brightly visible colors are available for lifeguards to help keep their individuality.

    It's guaranteed to last 3X longer than previous rescue tube designs!


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