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  1. This Deluxe Waterproof Box is Ideal for Storing Items You Don't Want to Get Wet!

    This Deluxe Waterproof Box is great for storing items you don't want to get wet! Perfect for lifeguards!

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  2. The 12' Hawaiian Rescue Board (Orange w/ Single Fin) is Just What You're Looking For!

    Are you looking for a great rescue board? Then the 12' Hawaiian Rescue Board (Orange w/ Single Fin) is just what you're looking for! This rescue board includes 9 handles, hard top and Epoxy Sandwich Construction deck. Order for your aquatic facility today!

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  3. Lifeguard Backboard Shows Its True Colors!

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    The #1 Best Selling Lifeguard Backboard just got better! The popular ER7 Lifeguard Backboard that was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual just debited its exciting new colors. The new Lifeguard Spineboard colors are International Orange, First Aid White, and Waterman Blue. These new colors along with the original Safety Orange make the ER7 the most colorful Lifeguard Spine Board of its kind. Lifeguards from all around the USA and also the World are using the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard making it #1 among Lifeguards Worldwide!

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  4. Lifeguard Backboard Gets Colorful!


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  5. Lifeguards Fall For New Color Shirt!

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    Lifeguards like to express themselves as much as the next person. For the fall season, a new color Lifeguards are falling for is Orange. Orange is a great color for fall and it just happens to be an internationally known safety color to boot!

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  6. International Orange Brightens Up Rescue Tubes!

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now available in International Orange, one of the original safety rescue colors. Orange is bright and easily visible in a variety of water conditions. It also holds up well against harmful UV Rays. Orange is a great addition to the LIFE Rescue Tube line of industry changing rescue tubes!

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    Express Yourself!

    The recycled plastic lifeguard chair is the future of lifeguard chairs. Unlike their steel counter parts, plastic lifeguard chairs do not rust, splinter, or rot. Also recycled plastic is good for the environment. Younger and older generations alike both have a great love for our world and endeavor to leave as small of an environmental impact as possible. A plastic lifeguard can also be made in a variety of vibrant colors. Colors such as Lifeguard Red, Aruba, and Orange easily stand out in a crowd. Colored lifeguard chairs allow facilities and lifeguards to express themselves! Do you want to EXPRESS YOURSELF?

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