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  1. This LIFE™ Whistle and Whistle Lanyard Combo is Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This LIFE™ Whistle and Whistle Lanyard Combo is perfect for lifeguards! This convenient whistle and lanyard combo is available in many color options! Whether you choose to have matching colors or two different colors, you'll find the perfect combination for you and your lifeguards!

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  2. These Fun Pattern Print Lanyards Stand Out From Ordinary Lanyards!


    Are you looking for a special lanyard that stands out from the rest, something that isn't just an ordinary plain lanyard? Then look no further! These Pattern Print Lanyards are just what you need! With fun patterns such as Camouflage, Cow, Hawaiian, Leopard, Smiley Faces, Tiger and Zebra, you'll find the perfect one for you!

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  3. Remind Everyone to "MIND THE RIP™" With These Lanyards!


    Remind everyone how important it is to "MIND THE RIP™" with these "MIND THE RIP™" Print Lanyards! These heavy-duty lanyards with "MIND THE RIP™" printed around the wide strap are perfect for lifeguards!

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  4. Adjustable wrist Lanyards are Convenient for Quick Access to Your Whistle!


    Adjustable wrist Lanyards are convenient for quick access to your whistle! These wrist lanyards feature an adjustable heavy-duty locking mechanism to safely secure it to your wrist and are available in many color options!

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  5. Why Settle for a Plain Lanyard When You Can Have the "eLifeguard.com" and "LIFEGUARD" Printed Lanyard!

    Why settle for a plain lanyard when you can have the "eLifeguard.com" and "LIFEGUARD" printed lanyard! This heavy-duty lanyard makes a great lifeguard incentive! Show your appreciation for hard working lifeguards with this great incentive!

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  6. "eLifeguard.com" Printed Lanyard Makes a Great Lifeguard Incentive!

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  7. Don't Just Settle for a Plain Lanyard When You Can Have a LIFESAVER Print Lanyard!

    Don't just settle for a plain lanyard when you can have this LIFESAVER print lanyard! Proudly wear this LIFESAVER print lanyard that shows how important lifeguards are! Makes a great gift or lifeguard incentive!

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  8. Lifeguard Break-Away Lanyards are Ideal for the Safety Minded Lifeguard!

    Lifeguard Break-Away Lanyards are ideal for the safety minded lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, referee, coach, or teacher! They offer the strength of flat woven thick cotton, the safety of a unique break-away, and 180 degree swingable plastic clasp that releases with a tug and reattaches with a snap. Available in many color options, you'll find the perfect one for you!

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  9. Lifeguard Break-Away Lanyard-Assorted Solid 50 Packs are a Great Value and Convenient for Any Facility!

    These Lifeguard Break-Away Lanyard-Assorted Solid 50 Packs make it easy for lifeguards or anyone to help distinguish their Whistle Lanyards from others. Having many colors to choose from makes it possible for each person to have a different color lanyard. These 50 packs are a great value and make it convenient for any facility!

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  10. Wrist Flex Lanyards Make it Convenient for Lifeguards to Have Their Whistles Right at Hand!

    The Wrist Flex Lanyard, a wrist-style, flexible fit lanyard is perfect for allowing lifeguards to have their whistles right at hand! These Wrist Flex lanyards make great lifeguard incentives!

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