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  1. Lifeguards Never Give Up!

    Lifeguards Never Give Up

    Lifeguards are a rare breed! Not everyone is capable of completing the rigorous training that lifeguards undergo to be certified. Lifeguarding encompasses a long list of specialized skills that lifeguards must master to reach the pinnacle of their profession. Contrary to what many might think, being a lifeguard is not a summer job, it is a lifelong commitment to the safety and well-being of others. Lifeguarding is the selfless act of contributing to a cause that is greater than oneself. No matter how long or arduous the training or a rescue may be, Lifeguards Never Give Up! Watermark

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  2. March Is Women's History Month!

    YWCA Lifeguard Products

    In celebration of Women's History Month,™ is introducing a custom line of YWCA Lifeguard Products for our valued YWCA customers. Watermark

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  3. We Know Y! YWCA Lifeguard Products! Lowest Prices!

    YWCA Lifeguard Products is proud to unveil an exclusive line of YWCA Lifeguard Products, including hoodies, hats and t-shirts!

    Display your pride with style, as these new products feature the YWCA logo and color schemes.

    YWCA Lifeguard Products

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  4. Changing Up Your Lifeguard Shirt and Shorts!

    Aged Lifeguard Shirt

    Is it time to update your lifeguard apparel? Modern day lifeguards are used to having many different styles and colors to choose from in their everyday life when it comes to their clothes and accessories.

    When looking to attract lifeguards to join your staff, you may want to consider updating the lifeguard uniforms offered at your facility. This will present a modern updated professional image to patrons as well as make it fun and exciting for lifeguards. Maybe try a new color, such as black or green for Lifeguard Board Shorts, as a change or alternate uniform.

    An updated lifeguard t-shirt, such as the Aged Lifeguard T-Shirt, would also be a nice uniform change for lifeguards

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  5. Is Your Lifeguard Staff Ready For Memorial Day Weekend?


    As you know, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the Summer Season for many aquatics facilities across the US. Preparation usually starts months in advance and consists of many hours of hard work. Whether it be facility prep or #Lifeguard training, lifeguards are always up for the tasks at hand. Providing lifeguards with a stylish USA Lifeguard T-Shirt to wear is a great way to show lifeguards that you appreciate their dedication and hard work in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend. It also clearly identifies the presence of lifeguards to facility patrons for a professional look.

    Click Here to Shop USA Lifeguard T-Shirts Along with Our Other USA Lifeguard Products!

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  6. Does Your Lifeguard Chair Get The Job Done?


    Lifeguards have a great deal of responsibility! It is essential that everything a lifeguard needs to fufill his or her responsibitlies is nearby, readily available, and properly stored.

    Lifeguard Chair Accessories

    eLifeguard.comLifeguard Chairs have a great many of extra features that help lifeguards get the job done. Examples include: Lifeguard Chair Lock Box, Rescue Can Holder, Rescue Tube Holder, Ring Buoy Holder, Cup Holder, and a Cushioned Lifeguard Seat.

    Click here to shop Lifeguard Chair Accessories!

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  7. Need a New Lifeguard T-Shirt?

    Lifeguard T-Shirt

    Lifeguard T-Shirts are an essential item for lifeguards to help them keep cool and also let facility patrons know that you are on duty and ready to help at a moments notice! To shop our large selection of Lifeguard T-Shirts click here:

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  8. New Vibrant Colors Introduced for the LIFE Whistle™!

    LIFE Whistle

    One of the things that sets apart from any other lifeguard equipment company is our penchant to develop exciting new industry leading products.

    With four different styles of our pealess LIFE Whistle™ in 20 different colors, you are assured a whistle for any situation!

    With colors ranging from fluorescent pink, deep sea blue, lime green and mango orange, to our metallic silver and copper colors, there is a color to fit every mood and need.

    Here is a full list of colors for our LIFE Whistle™!

    Lifeguard Red, Navy, Royal Blue, Black, Blueberry, Copper, Deep Sea, Green, Hot Pink, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Papaya, Pink, Purple, Sapphire, Storm, Strawberry, White, Yellow

    LIFE Whistle

    The LIFE Whistle™ comes in four different variations: Classic, Cushion Mouth Grip, Mini, and Pod.

    These designs are sleek, stylish, and designed to perform with excellence. is proud to offer the LIFE Whistle™ as well as lanyards to match the many colors we offer for the LIFE Whistle™!

    Click here to shop the large selection of LIFE Whistle™ types and colors!

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  9. Is Your Lifeguard Chair Colorful?

    Lifeguard Chair

    Recently, has unveiled a series of new colors for their lifeguard chairs.

    These colors range from a more vibrant spectrum including teal, red, and aqua to eye-catching yet natural looking colors such as green, cedar and sand!

    No matter where you belong, has a lifeguard chair that will accommodate any aquatic facility. These chairs are perfect for your home as well.

    These high quality lifeguard chairs are maintenance free and will never need painting or staining. There are no straps to replace and will never rot, splinter, or rust as they are made from recycled plastic!

    They are good for the environment and is not effected by salt water. The sturdy construction will last for years and is easy to maintain and clean!

    These colorful lifeguard chairs will be the highlight of your pool, beach, athletic club or even your own personal pool at home.

    With as many colors as offers for lifeguard chairs, isn't it time to get colorful?

    Click here to shop our large selection of lifeguard chair colors and styles!

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  10. Lifeguard Umbrellas Keep Lifeguards Protected!

    Lifeguard Umbrella

    Protection from the sun is one of a lifeguard's biggest challenges. UV rays can be very damagaing to the skin and can lead to various skin cancers. UV ray exposure can be significantly reduced through use of a UV blocking #Lifeguard Umbrella. Click here to shop our extensive selection:

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