1. This Lifeguard Surf Straw Hat Protects You from the Sun and Also Keeps You Cool!

    If you're looking for a high quality Lifeguard Surf Straw Hat that protects you from the sun and also keeps you cool, then this is the one for you!  Includes an adjustable red cord lock and "LIFEGUARD" printed along red rim. Perfect for Lifeguards!

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  2. This SEAL QUIK® Pump is Important to Have When Needed!

    This Seal Quik® Pump allows the user to inflate the Seal Quik® Mask Kit. With the Seal Quik® Mask Kit being such an important part of your rescue equipment, it is important to have the Seal Quik® Pump on hand when needed!

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  3. The Seal Quik® Mask Kit's Revolutionary Design Sets it in a Class by Itself!

    The Seal Quik® Mask Kit's revolutionary design sets it in a class by itself! Uniquely designed resuscitation mask that allows rescue breathing in or out of the water. Unique clear design for condition monitoring of patient and exclusive proprietary inline mask O² inlet prevents oxygen escape. This Seal Quik® Mask Kit is a must-have!

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  4. These LIFE™ RESCUE FINS (Set of 2) are Great for Lifeguard and Rescue Use!

    These LIFE™ RESCUE FINS (Set of 2) are great for lifeguard and rescue use! Includes adjustable Quik Comfort™ Heel strap and are compatible with all primary swim and lifeguard rescue strokes. Nine sizes to choose from, find the right pair for you!

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  5. This High Quality Stretch-Fit Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This high quality stretch-fit Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is perfect for lifeguards! Adjustable on the outside, Flexfit Tech on the inside and features mini pique, Cool & Dry fabric for moisture wicking & quick drying with elastic flexloop attached to hook & loop closure for unparalleled comfort!

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  6. Protect Yourself in Comfort and Style With this Lifeguard Flexfit® Cap!

    Protect yourself in comfort and style with this Lifeguard Flexfit® Cap! This high quality stretch-fit, low profile, twill fitted lifeguard cap with embroidered lifeguard logo is perfect for Lifeguards! Order today!

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  7. This Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker is the Perfect Way to Show Your Appreciation for Lifeguards!

    This Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker is the perfect way to not only show your appreciation for lifeguards, but also to remind everyone just how important lifeguards are! Order for yourself or give as lifeguard incentives!

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  8. This Ambu Perfit ACE Extrication Collar is Perfect for Lifeguards and First Responders!

    This Ambu Perfit ACE Extrication Collar is the only adjustable one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilization device with 16 precise settings for a customized fit within the range of 4 standard adult settings! MRI compatible and stores completely flat. Perfect for lifeguards and first responders!

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  9. This Portable Hand-Operated Emergency Hand Suction Pump is Powerful!

    This hand-operated emergency Hand Suction Pump is portable and powerful! It is adjustable 100% for Adult, 50% for Children and includes disposable container, cap, rigid tubing and adapter and discard bag. Order today!

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  10. This Staff Name Tag / Break-Away Lanyard with Swivel Hook is Ideal for Aquatic or Other Staff!

    This Staff Name Tag / Break-Away Lanyard with Swivel Hook is ideal for aquatic or other staff who want to be identified to others in an safe, easy and functional manner. This name tag is easily seen and read at all times and is available in two different sizes. Purchase for your staff members today!

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