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  1. Complete Your Lifeguard Wardrobe With These Lifeguard Surfies™!

    These stylish Lifeguard Surfies™ have a longer surf style 9" inseam and feature a Velcro®-free fly with snap closure that will not stick to or tear at your swimsuit like other shorts. They have a Small Quik™ drain Velcro® side pocket and embroidered lifeguard logo included on lower left leg, perfect for lifeguards!

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  2. These Lifeguard Cheer Shorts Are Something To Cheer About!

    Whether you're looking for comfort or style, these Lifeguard Cheer Shorts are the way to go! They feature V-Notch leg, exposed elastic waistband, two needle hemmed leg and are 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester jersey knit. These Lifeguard Cheer Shorts, The Authentic Soffe®, are stylish shorts that are perfect to wear over your swimsuit!

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  3. If You're Ready to Upgrade Your Lifeguard Uniform, the Lifeguard Polo Shirt is the Way to Go!

    Complete your Lifeguard uniform with a Lifeguard Polo Shirt! These Lifeguard Polo Shirts provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in Lifeguard Red™ or White with Embroidered Lifeguard logo included.

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  4. Quickly Identify Lifeguards With This Lifeguard Logo Face Mask!

    Quickly identify lifeguards with this Lifeguard Logo Face Mask! This 100% cotton mask is washable, reusable and breathable! Order yours today!

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  5. The Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker is a Great Way to Show Your Appreciation for Lifeguards!

    The Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker is a great way to not only show your appreciation for lifeguards, but also to remind everyone just how important lifeguards are! Purchase for yourself or give as lifeguard incentives!

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  6. The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker Reminds Everyone Just How Important Lifeguards Are!

    The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker shows just how important lifeguards are! This sticker is a perfect reminder of how important is it for everyone to swim near a lifeguard! Available to be used indoors and outdoors, you'll find the perfect place to display this special message!

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  7. Show Your Appreciation for Lifeguards With This I Heart Lifeguards Bumper Sticker!

    Show your appreciation for lifeguards with this I Heart Lifeguards Bumper Sticker! These bumper stickers make great lifeguard incentives or simply purchase one for yourself to show your appreciation!

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  8. Lifeguards Required To Wear Face Masks?

    Lifeguards Face Masks!

    Most aquatics facilities are now requiring face masks / covers to be worn by lifeguards to help protect patrons, staff, and lifeguards. The CDC recommends the use of face coverings to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Check out the Face Masks available at here.

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  9. YMCA Lifeguards Discover Better Rescue Tube!

    YMCA lifeguards along with lifeguards from just about every type of certification agency and aquatic facility around the world are discovering the next generation in rescue tubes, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube!  The photo above shows 80 old style coated vinyl YMCA rescue tubes from a YMCA in the USA being traded in for the revolutionary new LIFE Tubes.  YMCA lifeguards have been among those on the forefront of upgrading their old tubes to the new far superior much longer lasting LIFE Tubes.  In the age of COVID-19 budgets are tight and many YMCAs are realizing that purchasing a LIFE Rescue Tube that could potentially last up to 8 to 10 times longer than the old vinyl coated ones is an easy decision.  Also, the LIFE Rescue Tube is made from a proprietary hydrophobic f

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  10. Are Your Lifeguards Ready For COVID-19?

    During these uncertain times with many unknowns, lifeguards need to have a good stock of first aid and essential medical supplies. Gloves, masks, bandages, etc. should be on hand and ready to go for any first aid situation that may occur.  eLifeguard.com has a variety of these essential first aid items in stock and ready to ship.

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