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  1. Vinyl Rescue Tubes Are The Worst!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    Are your Lifeguard rescue tubes falling apart? If you have old style vinyl coated foam rescue tubes, the answer is most likely yes! Pictured above is a recent photo that a YMCA customer sent in of their old vinyl rescue tubes. Rescue tube technology has improved significantly since the vinyl coated tubes were first invented way back in the early 1960s. Lifeguards worldwide are discovering the revolutionary new LIFE™ Rescue Tube and retiring their old vinyl coated tubes. Has your aquatics facility upgraded your rescue tubes yet?

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  2. Lifeguards Upgrade YMCA Rescue Tubes!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    YMCA's all across the United States and around the World are upgrading their old vinyl YMCA rescue tubes (Photo Above) to the revolutionary new LIFE™ Rescue Tubes! The old vinyl coated "Noodle" tubes are notorious for cracking and splitting and potentially posing a danger to Lifeguards and victims. When splitting, the old lifeguard tubes may not function properly for rescue and could potentially pose a health risk due to exposed foam absorption of blood born pathogens.

    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is the #1 selling rescue tube in the World and also the #1 selling rescue tube to YMCA aquatics facilities and growing everyday.

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  3. Vinyl Rescue Tubes Are Super Disappointment!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    Lifeguards depend on their rescue device to save lives. Rescue tubes must always be in tip top shape to be able to handle the demands that lifesaving imposes upon them. Any rescue tube that is not up to the task can be a real potential hazard to the rescuer and the victim. It has been shown how exposed foam on old compromised vinyl rescue tubes that are cracking and splitting can absorb hazardous bodily fluids. Both vinyl and mesh and vinyl coated foam rescue tubes are both guaranteed to crack, split, and break down over time and have been a real pain to Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionals for years, every since their creation way back in the 1960s. Thanks to advances in technologies, Lifeguards now have new and improved, much better rescue devices that last considerably longer and have greater functionality.

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  4. Lifeguards Throw Out Old Rescue Tubes!

    Discover New LIFE™ Rescue Tubes!

    Lifeguards throw out their old rescue tubes when they become ripped, torn, and absorb water and fluids. The old style vinyl rescue tubes that were first invented in the 1960s are now being replaced worldwide by the superior LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube. The new Lifeguard industry changing LIFE Tube is now the fastest selling rescue tube in the world. With a unsurpassed 3 year warranty and exclusive Patented features like a Replaceable Strap and Molded LIFE GRIPS™, the LIFE Rescue Tube is unmatched in its quality, function, and durability.

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  5. Vinyl Rescue Tubes On The Chopping Block!

    Upgrade Rescue Tubes!

    Are you tired of old vinyl rescue tubes splitting down the middle? Do your Lifeguards pick at the vinyl which exposes the foam? It's time to put the past behind and discover the 21st Century LIFE™ Rescue Tube! LIFE Rescue Tubes are the best selling rescue tubes in the World and the preferred rescue device of Lifeguards all across the USA. Whether it be for Pool, Waterpark, Beach or Ocean Rescue, Lifeguards love the new LIFE Tubes! LIFE Rescue Tubes will outlast any other rescue tubes on the market! They are hands down the longest lasting best rescue tube money can buy!

    What lifeguard trainers & lifeguards are saying:

    "Just received the new Rescue Buoy - needless to say, I’m very impressed with the design, manufacture, and durability of this product. We will attempt to use it during tomorrow’s Ice Rescue Technician course, and am very much looking forward to using it during our spring Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Programs"

    "Thanx for posting more videos of new tubes. Our Instructors are very impressed and excited about them. They are showing your videos in class this week."

    "The tube looks amazing! It is exactly what our USLA chapter imagined."

    "The tubes have indeed arrived. They are amazing. We have completely switch over to your tubes!"

    "This is the best innovation in lifeguarding since I became a lifeguard"

    "The 7 second swim video sold me! I haven't used the tube yet but I am SO excited to train with it and use it in the beach environment this season!!"

    "We absolutely love our new life rescue tubes."

    "We love our life rescue tubes because of their durability and their buoyancy."

    "We are happy with the LIFE tubes, and even our state inspector was impressed with them!"

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  6. Old Biohazard Rescue Tubes Now Obsolete!

    Shop New LIFE™ Rescue Tubes!

    As a former Aquatics Specialist & Lifeguard Instructor responsible for over 200 Lifeguards and 40 Aquatics Facilities in Waterpark, Pool, and Open Water settings, I was on a mission to SOLVE the problem that has plagued Lifeguards almost since the invention of the old vinyl coated rescue tube invented in the 1960s. The problem WAS the cracking, ripping, and peeling of the vinyl and foam material of the vinyl tubes that created a potential biohazard situation, not to mention countless dollars spent to replace them each year.

    The SOLUTION came in 2015 with the invention of the LIFE™ Rescue Tube. In addition to being the longest lasting Rescue Tube ever invented, it doesn't absorb hazardous bodily fluids like the old tubes. Upon inventing the LIFE™ Tube, we also quickly found out that it performs circles around the old vinyl tubes. LIFE Tubes can do all the standard lifesaving maneuvers but also a whole lot more. New LIFE Tube Entries are faster and better and allow Lifeguards to keep their eyes fixed on the victims (guests in distress). LIFE Tube Rescue Maneuvers are faster and give Lifeguards more control over the rescue thanks to LIFE GRIPS™.

    The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the best selling rescue tube in the world and growing every day!

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  7. New Rescue Tube Perfect For Waterparks

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes

    Waterparks have special needs when it comes to Lifeguarding and the use of Rescue Tubes. Many Waterpark Lifeguards use a longer 50" Rescue Tube to meet the specific needs of their Waterpark, Lazy River, or Zero Entry Pool. The Patented design of the LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube is perfect for Waterparks. The increased length and the molded in LIFE GRIPS™ allow Lifeguards to perform reach assists to victims (guests in distress) in a far superior manner than the old outdated vinyl tubes that have no grips and are often very slippery. In addition, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube will last much longer which will save Waterparks money.

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  8. Customers Trade In Old Tubes For New LIFE Rescue Tubes

    Trade Out!

    Customers continue to trade in their old vinyl rescue tubes for the new LIFE™ Rescue Tubes. Just got another batch in. The new LIFE Rescue Tube is now the number one selling rescue tube in America! Trade your old tubes in today!

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