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  1. Utah Lifeguards Live The Good Life!

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    Utah Lifeguards, Aquatics, and Recreation Professionals met this week for the annual conference of the Utah Recreation & Parks Association (URPA) in St. George, Utah. In addition to being a time to network and catch up with friends and colleagues, this was an opportunity for those involved in the field of Aquatics to discuss new Lifesaving technologies and innovations in the Lifeguard industry. Among those in attendance were Lifeguards certified with the American Red Cross, StarGuard, and YMCA.

    Innovations that have been making waves in Aquatics in recent years include the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, which is now the #1 selling rescue tube in the world; the Seal Quik™ Mask, which is the Lifeguard industry standard seal mask (based on lifesaving certification adoption); and the new Lifesaving Training Manikin - Silhouette, which debuted at the recent conference of the Association of Aquatic Professionals.

    Other Lifeguard industry standard facility items (pictured above) include the red Everondack® LG 505 Lifeguard Chair, Solarlyte™ Lifeguard Umbrella, Lifeguard Board Shorts, and the Lifeguard T-Shirt.

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  2. Lifeguards Fall In Love With New Lifeguard Chair!

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    Lifeguards from all over are falling in love with the new Portable Lifeguard Platform Chairs that are creating a lot of buzz for 2019! The new Lifeguard Chairs have built in wheels and are ultra lightweight and portable. The Lifeguard Platform Chairs have a variety of innovative features such as non-skid tread and swivel seats. Many exciting add-ons are available as well, such as a LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder and Lifeguard Sign.

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  3. Nebraska Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Chairs, Shorts, Shirts!

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    Nebraska Lifeguards train hard and expect only the very best quality when it comes to the Lifeguard Equipment, Uniforms, & Supplies that they use. eLifeguard.com® has been serving Nebraska Lifeguards for over 20 years and has greatly valued the close partnership with them. Whether it be Lifeguard Chairs, Lifeguard Shorts, or Lifeguard Shirts, Nebraska Lifeguards expect the best and eLifeguard.com does everything to provide it to them.

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  4. Lifeguard Chairs Loaded Up!

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    The new Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack® are feature rich with multiple accessory holders for important equipment to Lifeguards such as a LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder, Lifeguard Logo Sign, Drink Holder, & Umbrella Holder. The LIFE Rescue Tube Holder keeps the Lifeguard's main implement for rescue right at hand. The Lifeguard Logo Sign identifies the Lifeguard to the patrons. The Drink Holder helps the Lifeguard stay hydrated. The Umbrella Holder keeps the Lifeguard cooler and the sun at bay. These important Lifeguard Chair features make the Lifeguard Platform Chairs second to none.

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  5. Ultra Portable Lifeguard Chairs Unveiled!

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    The new recently unveiled series of Lifeguard Platform Chairs are ultra portable which makes them easy to move around on deck to the most needed position any given day or week. Lifeguards love these Lifeguard Chairs, not just for their portability, but also for their large platform deck and unique accessory holders.

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  6. Lifeguard Portable Platform Towers Over Chairs!

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    The new Patent Pending Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack® tower over the competition with some amazing new features exclusive to these Lifeguard Chairs. With regards to durability, the Lifeguard Chairs are made using only the finest Recycled Plastic and UV Resistant Furniture Grade Fluted PVC. The proprietary Recycled Plastic Housing and Lifeguard Chair Wheel System allow these Lifeguard Platform Chairs to skate right by other Lifeguard Chairs with a breeze. Optional features include the virtually indestructible Debossed Lifeguard Logo Sign, LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder, Umbrella Holder, and Drink Holder.

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  7. Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Chairs!

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    Lifeguards spend many hours sitting in a Lifeguard Chair or standing on a Lifeguard Platform. It is essential that the Lifeguard Chair meet the demanding needs of a Lifeguard with regards to functionality, durability, and comfort. eLifeguard.com® has been in the business of manufacturing and selling Lifeguard Chairs for over 20 years and has spent the last year designing and creating a series of Lifeguard Chairs that will revolutionize the way Lifeguards use Lifeguard Chairs. These new Lifeguard Chairs were designed by Lifeguards and, in addition to being of the highest quality, will offer new accessibility and functionality to Lifeguards. In short, these Lifeguard Chairs will revolutionize the way Lifeguards do their job!

    While the newest Lifeguard Chairs will be revealed later this month, below you will find some examples of other new Lifeguard Chair Improvements:

    Portable Lifeguard Station

    Lifeguard Chair Wheel Kit and Wheel Kit

    Lifeguard Chair Wheels

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  8. YMCA Lifeguards Love These Lifeguard Chairs & Rescue Tubes!

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    Are you attending the YMCA 2018 Membership & Program Expo? YMCA Lifeguards across the country and around the world love the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube! The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the best selling Rescue Tube to YMCAs hands down!* Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are also loved by YMCAs due to their exciting color choices and unique features like the new WHEELS.

    *Based on sales nationwide

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  9. Lifeguard Chairs Headed To Central America

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    As economies grow in Central America, the safety and security of visitors and locales alike is becoming top priority. Lifeguards are tasked with the duty to keep swimmers safe and high quality Lifeguard Chairs are a very important part of that mission. Lifeguards in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua are looking to eLifeguard.com® for these Lifeguard Chairs.

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  10. Cheap Lifeguard Chairs!

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    Of course Lifeguards need the highest quality Lifeguard Chairs, but also Pools are on a strict budget most of the time so cheap is often the name of the game. Cheap Lifeguard Chairs are available with extras such as an umbrella or cup holder, but also without to make the Lifeguard Chairs cheap.

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