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  1. Lifeguard AED To Go!

    Get One To Go!

    Lifeguards, are you looking for an easy way to carry your AED? Look no further than the Lifeguard First Responder Bag!

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  2. Fox 40 Whistles Attention To Lifeguard Shortage!

    Find Your Whistle!

    Fox 40 TV in Sacramento, California called attention earlier this year, to the shortage of lifeguards that has plagued the nation in recent years. To read the full story from Fox 40 click here!

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  3. Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Apparel!

    Find Your Love!

    Are you in love with your Lifeguard Apparel? If you considering just how many hours a day you spend wearing your Lifeguard Swimsuit, Lifeguard Shorts, or Lifeguard Shirt, it definitely makes sense to find Lifeguard Apparel to love!

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  4. Connecticut Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Bag!

    Shop Now!

    Connecticut Lifeguards like the tens of thousands of other Lifeguards around the United States are falling in love with the Lifeguard First Responder Bag. This Patent Pending Lifeguard Bag is just what the Lifeguard ordered when it comes to having everything a Lifeguard needs in a first response / first aid situation. All the items a Lifeguard needs are easily identified when needed and organized when not in use.

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  5. Is Oxygen Portable?

    Learn More!

    Is oxygen portable? It is if you have a Lifeguard First Responder Bag! The Lifeguard First Responder, as featured in the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual, is the perfect way to carry a Portable Oxygen Tank and other First Aid Supplies.

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  6. Lifeguard Jacket Is A Real Windbreaker

    Shop Now!

    It's getting cold outside and you need a Lifeguard Windbreaker to warm you up. Lifeguard Windbreakers, Jackets, and Hoodies are a great way to keep your core temperature up and let patrons know that you are the Lifeguard.

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  7. Gifts For Lifeguards

    Are you shopping for a Lifeguard Gift this holiday season? Like everyone else, Lifeguards love gifts! Wouldn't it be great to get your the Lifeguard on your list a gift that is specially designed for them? Click on the image below to see the largest selection of Lifeguard Gifts anywhere:

    Shop Now!

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  8. New Lifeguard Products Just In Time For IAAPA!

    Shop New Products!

    Are you excited about the upcoming lifeguard season at your waterpark or pool? You are going to love these exciting new Lifeguard Products unveiled just In time for IAAPA!

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  9. Canada Lifeguards Love New Backboard!

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    The new ER7 Lifeguard Backboard has become the best selling Lifeguard Backboard in the USA ever since it was featured in the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual published earlier this year. Now Canadian Lifeguards are discovering the new Backboard and switching over to it at a record pace at their aquatic facilities.

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  10. Lifeguards Fall For New Color Shirt!

    Shop Now!

    Lifeguards like to express themselves as much as the next person. For the fall season, a new color Lifeguards are falling for is Orange. Orange is a great color for fall and it just happens to be an internationally known safety color to boot!

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