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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  1. Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

    Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

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  2. Gliding Waves At Cocoa Beach, Florida

    GLIDE On!

    We had a great time yesterday riding waves at Cocoa Beach, Florida using the GLIDE Kickboard. This innovative board is great for LIFEGUARD swim training and riding waves, too! Unlike other kickboards, the GLIDE can turn on a dime and has the unique patented thumb hole for maneuverability.

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  3. Lifeguards Love Shark Week!

    Shark Week is a great opportunity for lifeguards to tell swimmers about the dangers of marine life and the opportunities available to appreciate the marine environment.

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  4. New Skwim Fins Provide Amazing Water Sports Performance!

    Play Skwim™!

    Get ready to have amazing water sports fun with Skwim™! Skwim is taking the water sports world by storm. Aquatic facilities around the globe are having great fun and learning about water safety at the same time. Now it is even easier to play Skwim with new full foot Skwim Fins that are super easy to put on and provide incredible water kick performance!

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    #water sports, #skwim, #Safety, #performance, #fins, #facilities, #aquantic
  5. Giant Great White Shark Interupts Lifeguard Competition

    This past week a giant great white surfaced on the coast of a beach during a Lifeguarding Competition. It was a good thing that the lifeguards in the water were such great swimmers as to escape this terrifying situation.

    Disclaimer: This post is fake and not true.

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    #Shark Week, #Shark, #lifeguard, #elifeguard
  6. Happy Shark Week from eLifeguard.com!

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    #Shark Week, #Shark, #lifeguard, #elifeguard, #2017
  7. Had Great Pizza At The Lifeguard Competition in Jax Beach!

    Pizza Pizza!

    Made a delicious discovery at the South Atlantic Lifesaving (SALA) Lifeguard Competition last week in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I must admit that I have eaten a lot of pizza over the years, even most recently in New York City. The pizza that we had at V Pizza in Jax Beach takes the top prize. This was by far the best pizza I have ever had. Great job V Pizza! Keep up the good work!

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    #vpizza, #pizza, #lifeguard, #jacksonville, #competition, #beach
  8. Trying to Eat Healthy at Lifeguard Competitions


    July and August are the peak time for USLA, Red Cross and other lifesaving agency lifeguard competitions. It is often difficult trying to eat healthy while on the road but we found a good option. Pictured here is a Spinach & Hummus Wrap from Peace in the Garden Restaurant in Rockledge, Florida. This saved the day while traveling to the USLA Southeast Region Junior Lifeguard Championship last weekend.

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  9. South Atlantic Lifesaving (SALA) Competition Comes To Jacksonville

    It's In The Bag!

    eLifeguard.com was on hand to cheer on the Lifeguard competitors this week at the South Atlantic Lifesaving Association (SALA) Regional Competition in Jacksonville, Florida. The official competitor bags were provided by eLifeguard.com. Go SALA Competitors!

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    #South, #Regional, #Lifesaving, #lifeguard, #jacksonville, #Florida, #eLifegaurd.com, #competition, #Altantic
  10. Happy Lifeguard Day!


    Happy Lifeguard Day! We here at eLifeguard.com® celebrate and honor lifeguards today! Thank you for your service and dedication to the safety of all citizens that go into the water.

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