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  1. UPS Crushed Lifeguard Hat!

    View The Before Photo!

    Check out the new Lifeguard Straw Hat that we now have available thanks to United Parcel Service (UPS)! UPS crushed this Lifeguard Hat that we sent out to a customer. You should see the box, totally destroyed! We value our relationship with UPS, but we do have issues like this happen from time to time. This unfortunately makes us look bad to our customers, who we value greatly and do our very best to serve.

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  2. Need New YMCA Rescue Tubes?

    Are you a YMCA LIFEGUARD? Do you need new rescue tubes? Are you tired of the old style vinyl tubes wearing out so fast like the ones pictured above. Yep that's Duct Tape! We've all been there. But now those days are over. Join the vast majority of YMCAs, Waterparks, and other Aquatic Facilities all over the country that are switching to the new LIFE Rescue Tubes. They are guaranteed to last much longer than the old vinyl tubes. The old vinyl rescue tubes were invented in the early 1960s. That's over 50 years ago! Upgrade to a 21st Century LIFE Rescue Tube!

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    Top Off With A Tank!

    Lifeguards working outdoors over the summer appreciate the cool comfort of a Lifeguard Tank Top. Don't forget to apply plenty of Lifeguard Lotion™ Sunscreen!

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  4. Junior Lifeguards Using LIFE Rescue Tubes

    The Future of Lifesaving!

    Junior Lifeguards are the future of lifesaving. The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the rescue device of choice for many Junior Lifeguard Programs nationwide.

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  5. Lifeguards Choose SUP Rescue Boards!

    What's SUP!

    Lifeguards are always looking for innovative ways to guard and save lives. Many lifeguards are choosing Lifeguard SUP Rescue Paddleboards to help them with this noble endeavor.

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  6. Free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster!

    Lifeguards, did you get your free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster? Get a free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster with every order placed with while supplies last! Don't miss out!

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  7. LIFE Rescue Tubes Head To The Beach

    Head To The Beach!

    Busy week making videos in Indialantic, Florida. Pictured here are some LIFE Rescue Tubes next to our camera and tripod. It's definitely summer out there heat wise.

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  8. Fox 40 or LIFE Whistle?

    OFF THE ROPES!® offers both the Fox 40 Whistle and the LIFE Whistle. The Fox 40 Whistle is available in 6 colors. The LIFE Whistle is available in 22 colors which is great for lifeguards who like to express their individual style. Both whistles have a high-pitched, loud and shrill tone to get patrons attention.

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  9. LIFE Rescue Tube Used For Drowning Prevention Worldwide

    Eliminate Drowning!

    The Cocoa Beach Rotary Club displayed its drowning prevention project at the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia this week. The project has been a success in Cocoa Beach, Florida resulting in at least 3 saves since its inception earlier this year.

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  10. Did You See In The USLA Magazine?

    See More! is proud to support the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA). Pictured above, from the most recent issue of the USLA magazine, outlines a sampling of the many lifeguard products that we offer for USLA and other ocean rescue lifesaving professionals.

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