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  1. If You're Ready to Upgrade Your Lifeguard Uniform, the Lifeguard Polo Shirt is the Way to Go!

    Complete your Lifeguard uniform with a Lifeguard Polo Shirt! These Lifeguard Polo Shirts provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in Lifeguard Red™ or White with Embroidered Lifeguard logo included.

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  2. You'll Find All You Need for Your Men's Lifeguard Uniform in our Men's Lifeguard Uniform Category!

    You'll find all you need for your men's lifeguard uniform in our Men's Lifeguard Uniform Category! Lifeguard Board Shorts, Lifeguard T-Shirts, Lifeguard Hoodie™ Sweatshirts to name a few!

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  3. Lifeguard Uniforms Top Waterpark List

    Shop Lifeguard Uniforms!

    eLifeguard.com® Lifeguard Uniforms were featured in the most recent issue of World Waterpark Magazine. Pictured here at the top of the list of various suppliers, eLifeguard.com has a wide variety of Lifeguard Uniforms for both Women & Men Lifeguards!

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  4. eLifeguard.com® Supports USLA Lifeguards!

    Did you see the most recent issue of American Lifeguard Magazine? eLifeguard.com® Supports USLA Lifeguards! United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Lifeguards are among the best in the world. Their dedication and commitment to excellence is second to none. eLifeguard.com® is proud to support these heroes with a special Lifeguard Uniform and Equipment Purchase Program, by advertising in the USLA's American Lifeguard Magazine, and exhibiting at USLA sanctioned events.

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  5. Choose the Color that's Right for You!


    Lifeguard Super Proback

    Choose the Color that's Right for You! Available in #Lifeguard Red, Royal Blue, Navy or Black.

    Click Here to Shop: http://www.elifeguard.com/96-lifeguard-super-proback

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