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  1. Lifeguards Fall In Love With New Lifeguard Chair!

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    Lifeguards from all over are falling in love with the new Portable Lifeguard Platform Chairs that are creating a lot of buzz for 2019! The new Lifeguard Chairs have built in wheels and are ultra lightweight and portable. The Lifeguard Platform Chairs have a variety of innovative features such as non-skid tread and swivel seats. Many exciting add-ons are available as well, such as a LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder and Lifeguard Sign.

  2. Oregon Lifeguards Roll Out New Lifeguard Chair!

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    Oregon Lifeguards have been searching for a lightweight, portable Lifeguard Chair that is tall enough to watch a large water surface area. They have found it in the Portable Guard Station (LG 450). This innovative new Lifeguard Chair allows aquatics facilities to place their Lifeguard where the action is. The Portable Guard Station (LG 450) is the ONLY Tall Portable Guard Station on the Market!

    Recreation, Aquatics, and Lifeguard Staff from throughout Oregon met up this week in Sunriver for the annual conference of the Oregon Recreation & Park Association (ORPA).

  3. Ultra Portable Lifeguard Chairs Unveiled!

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    The new recently unveiled series of Lifeguard Platform Chairs are ultra portable which makes them easy to move around on deck to the most needed position any given day or week. Lifeguards love these Lifeguard Chairs, not just for their portability, but also for their large platform deck and unique accessory holders.

  4. Lifeguard Portable Platform Towers Over Chairs!

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    The new Patent Pending Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack® tower over the competition with some amazing new features exclusive to these Lifeguard Chairs. With regards to durability, the Lifeguard Chairs are made using only the finest Recycled Plastic and UV Resistant Furniture Grade Fluted PVC. The proprietary Recycled Plastic Housing and Lifeguard Chair Wheel System allow these Lifeguard Platform Chairs to skate right by other Lifeguard Chairs with a breeze. Optional features include the virtually indestructible Debossed Lifeguard Logo Sign, LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder, Umbrella Holder, and Drink Holder.

  5. Portable Lifeguard Chair Gets Tall!

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    The new Tall Portable Lifeguard Chair that Lifeguards are talking about is the LG 450 Portable Guard Station and it is no short order! The towering seat height of 50" puts this Portable Lifeguard Chair in a Tall class by itself. The exclusive new Patent Pending Stability Outriggers give this Lifeguard Chair a rock solid stance not offered in other chairs. There is no other Portable Lifeguard Chair like this on the market!

  6. Portable Lifeguard Chair

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    Are you looking for a Portable Lifeguard Chair? The new and improved LG 350 Portable Lifeguard Chair has exciting new quality features that are guaranteed to outperform and outlast any similar lifeguard chair on the market. When selecting a Portable Lifeguard Chair, choose the best, the Portable Lifeguard Chair is second to none!

  7. Is Oxygen Portable?

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    Is oxygen portable? It is if you have a Lifeguard First Responder Bag! The Lifeguard First Responder, as featured in the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual, is the perfect way to carry a Portable Oxygen Tank and other First Aid Supplies.

  8. Oxygen Tank Is Portable

    Lifeguards and First Responders need to be ready to save lives at a moment's notice! Having their First Aid Supplies portable can be the difference between life and death.

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