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  1. BIG Rescue Tube & Lifesaving Maneuver Announcements Coming Next Week!

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    Industry changing rescue tube & lifesaving maneuver announcements will be made next week via Facebook Live. You don't want to miss this! More details to come...

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  2. LIFE Rescue Project Featured in Space Coast Daily Magazine!

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Project is featured in Space Coast Daily Magazine's current issue. Space Coast Daily is Brevard County, Florida's premiere magazine keeping residents and visitors alike up to date about current Space Coast events and happenings.

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  3. LIFE Rescue Project Finalizes Brochure

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Project finalized its informational and instructional brochure. The new brochure features instructions on proper use of the LIFE™ Rescue Station as well as how you as a Citizen Saver™ can contribute to the project. Distribution of the brochures will begin in Florida at hotels, resorts, and government facilities next week. For information on how to contribute or get involved, please visit

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  4. New Lifesaving Entry To Be Revealed!

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    New lifesaving entry using the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube to be revealed. The unique form factor of this revolutionary new rescue tube is providing for the creation of a multitude of industry changing new lifesaving maneuvers. Stay Tuned!

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  5. Lifeguard Chair Graces Shoreline of Canada

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    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are well known for their long lasting durability and highest quality construction making them very popular throughout the United States, showing up in aquatic facilities in nearly every major city, state, and territory. In addition to U.S. locations, Everondack Lifeguard Chairs are permanent features in many locations around the globe, everywhere from Melbourne, Australia to Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, Canada.

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  6. Honolulu, Hawaii Lifeguards Trying Out New LIFE Rescue Tube

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    Lifeguards in Honolulu, Hawaii are trying out the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. Benefits of the new tube that they are looking at for their unique extreme surf conditions are the long term durability of the tube as well as the new LIFE GRIPS™. Other potential benefits are the many new exclusive LIFE™ Tube maneuvers that are ideal for open water. Examples include the DUCK DIVE, SURF PADDLE™, and the SURF OUT™.

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  7. Lifeguard Hoodie

    Warm Up!

    Feeling the winter chill? Warm up with a cozy Lifeguard Hoodie! Lifeguard print on both front and back.

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  8. What are Lifeguards Saying About the New LIFE Rescue Tubes?

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    What lifeguard trainers & lifeguards are saying:

    "Just received the new Rescue Buoy [Tube] - needless to say, I’m very impressed with the design, manufacture, and durability of this product. We will attempt to use it during tomorrow’s Ice Rescue Technician course, and am very much looking forward to using it during our spring Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Programs"

    "Thanx for posting more videos of new tubes. Our Instructors are very impressed and excited about them. They are showing your videos in class this week."

    "The tube looks amazing! It is exactly what our USLA chapter imagined."

    "The tubes have indeed arrived. They are amazing. We have completely switch over to your tubes!"

    "The 7 second swim video sold me! I haven't used the tube yet but I am SO excited to train with it and use it in the beach environment this season!!"

    "We absolutely love our new life rescue tubes."

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  9. Should I Buy Everondack or Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs?

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    Trying to decide which brand of lifeguard chairs to purchase for your aquatic facility? Here are some things to consider when deciding between Everondack® and Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs. Both are made in the USA from recycled plastic, Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs however are Lifeguard designed and custom crafted to the highest set of quality standards. They also have a superior 5 year warranty. As Lifeguards and Aquatic Professionals you deserve the highest quality products for your aquatic facility and Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are second to none!

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  10. ER7 or CJ6 Backboard?

    Choose the Best!

    Looking to get a new backboard for your aquatic facility? Trying to decide between the new ER7 and the CJ6 Backboards? We have both in stock and ready to ship. We have evaluated both backboards and are discontinuing the CJ6 after our current stock is depleted. The new ER7 has all the same features as the CJ6 but with some notable improvements. The ER7 Head Immobilizer System is considerably more durable and unlike the CJ6 has replaceable vinyl coated foam pads that will not absorb blood and other fluids. The color coded strap system of the ER7 also distinguishes it from the CJ6. As an aquatic industry professional you are always looking for the best quality most innovative technology to help you protect and save lives, therefor we recommend the ER7 Backboard for your aquatic facility!

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