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  1. Surfing Santas Shirts Kick Off Holiday Season!

    Get Your Surfing Santas Shirt!

    Yes its that time of year again. Surfing Santas time! Santas from all over the country are putting on their best Santa outfit to ascend upon Cocoa Beach, Florida to surf the holidays in with style. Surfing Santas Shirts are the best way for you and your family to get into the Christmas and holiday spirit. The newest style Surfing Santas T-Shirts are now available for the whole family. Don't get a chunk of coal for Christmas or Hanukkah or your favorite holiday, get stoked and get a Surfing Santas T-Shirt today!

    Don't forget to support the Florida Surf Museum and Grind For Life!

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  2. Wave Surfers Ready For the Rip!

    Get Ready!

    California surfers most likely remember this beauty from the early and mid 1980s! Originating in Newport Beach, the WAVA HULL, worked its way up and down the Coast attracting both serious Wave Surfers and Recreational ones alike.The speed that this surf sled can generate on a curling wave will put a smile on even the most serious Waterman. Pictured here at Cocoa Beach, Florida the WAVA HULL may be making a long anticipated comeback.

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  3. Watermen Compete For A Good Cause!

    Shop Waterman™ Gear!

    The 18th Annual Waterman's Challenge took place this past weekend at Cocoa Beach, Florida. Participants and spectators were on hand from throughout the region. Participants competed in such events as Longboard and Stand Up Paddleboard.® was on hand to cheer on Lifeguard and Waterman competitors.

    Proceeds from the event went to benefit the Florida Surf Museum, Cocoa Beach High School Surf Team and Viera High School Ocean Bowl Team. The Florida Surf Museum is the organization that puts on the widely celebrated Surfing Santas event each December on the famed Cocoa Beach shores. Prior to this year's event, to get your Surfing Santas T-Shirt, click here!

    Congratulations to the Florida Surf Museum's John Hughes for scoring 1st Place in the SUP 12’6’’ event.

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  4. Innovative Kickboard Glides Across Cocoa Beach!

    Shop GLIDE™ Kickboard!

    If you were out and about at Cocoa Beach, Florida this past weekend, you may have seen the innovative GLIDE™ Kickboard in action. This amazing surf style Kickboard can shred waves with the best of them. Uniquely design to glide across surf and water like a knife through hot butter, the GLIDE will never disappoint! Whether you are out Bodyboarding or Swim / Lifeguard Training, the GLIDE is the board for you. Shown above, the GLIDE Kickboard demonstrates a secure new place to store your swim goggles when not in use.

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  5. Jellyfish Can Be Dangerous

    Pictured here is a Blue Bottle "Portuguese Man O' War" Jellyfish that we encountered during a lifeguard photoshoot earlier this year in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area. Rarely deadly, these jellyfish can be especially dangerous to children, elderly, and those with health issues. If serious seek medical attention right away.

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  6. Gliding Waves At Cocoa Beach, Florida

    GLIDE On!

    We had a great time yesterday riding waves at Cocoa Beach, Florida using the GLIDE Kickboard. This innovative board is great for LIFEGUARD swim training and riding waves, too! Unlike other kickboards, the GLIDE can turn on a dime and has the unique patented thumb hole for maneuverability.

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  7. LIFE Rescue Tube Used For Drowning Prevention Worldwide

    Eliminate Drowning!

    The Cocoa Beach Rotary Club displayed its drowning prevention project at the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia this week. The project has been a success in Cocoa Beach, Florida resulting in at least 3 saves since its inception earlier this year.

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  8. FIRST Cocoa Beach LIFE Rescue Station Installed

    Find Out More!

    North 1st Street, Cocoa Beach, FL – The City of Cocoa Beach along with the LIFE™ Rescue Project installed the first LIFE™ Rescue Station at 9 AM Wednesday. The drowning prevention device is the first of 35 that will be located at each beach access point in the city limits of Cocoa Beach. Late last year the Cocoa Beach City Commission voted unanimously to install the devices.

    The city plans to work with the LIFE™ Rescue Project to inform beach goers and vacationers as to the proper purpose and use of the devices. Cocoa Beach was chosen to be the pilot location for the drowning prevention endeavor. The project will be launched nationwide later this year.

    About the LIFE™ Rescue Project

    According to the CDC, 3,536 unintentional fatal drownings occurred each year, on average, from 2005 to 2014 in the United States.

    The LIFE™ Rescue Project was conceived in 2015 by former Lifeguard Instructor Mike Rogers and former Brevard County Ocean Rescue Chief Wyatt Werneth. Combining the redesigned LIFE™ Rescue Tube with the LIFE™ Rescue Station, Mike and Wyatt were focused on making Cocoa Beach the safest beach possible. Once they saw the need and enthusiasm for the LIFE™ Rescue Stations, they knew that their mission was to make every beach the safest it could possibly be and they have been focused on drowning prevention ever since. Chief Werneth is famous for saying “Always swim near a lifeguard or a LIFE™ Rescue Station”.



    265 Barnes Blvd

    Rockledge, FL 32955

    Phone: (321) 433-3630

    Fax: (321) 433-3631


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