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  1. The Lifeguard Ultralight Jacket is an Ideal Jacket for lifeguards!

    The Lifeguard Ultralight Jacket is perfect when you just need that light extra layer to keep warm. Includes convenient stow pouch that easily attaches to a belt or strap and chest pocket lifeguard logo imprint with back LIFEGUARD imprint. This is an ideal jacket for lifeguards!

  2. The Lifeguard Wind Jacket is a Must-Have on Cold, Windy Days!

    The Lifeguard Wind Jacket is a must-have on cold, windy days! Made of 100% heavy-duty insulating Nylon with full front zip, back and side pockets and drawstring hood. Includes Lifeguard logo on chest and "LIFEGUARD" back imprint, perfect for Lifeguards!

  3. Convenient Way to Store Your Life Vests!

    Life Vest Storage Bags make it convenient to store your Life Vests and your life vests will stay clean. The vinyl-coated fabric resists mold and mildew. They are tailored to fit Type II life vests (Holds 6) or boat cushions. Always know where to find your Life Vests with these convenient Life Vest Storage Bags.

  4. Life Vest Storage Bags Are a Must-Have!

    Store your Life Vests in this convenient Life Vest Storage Bag that is designed to hold 4 Life vests. It is tailored to fit Type II life vests or boat cushions and has mesh air vents on 4 sides that allow for fast drying. It is important to keep your Life Vests in a safe place and you'll know where to find them with these Life Vest Storage Bags.

  5. Lifeguard Jackets Galore!

    Grab a Jacket!

    There are a lot of reasons to get a good Lifeguard Jacket. Lifeguard Jackets are great for staying warm when the wind picks up and the temperature drops. They also shield Lifeguards from the sun's harmful rays.

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