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  1. LIFE™ RESCUE FINS (Set of 2) are Ideal for Lifeguard and Rescue Use!

    LIFE™ RESCUE FINS (Set of 2) are ideal for lifeguard and rescue use! Includes adjustable Quik Comfort™ Heel strap and are compatible with all primary swim and lifeguard rescue strokes. With nine sizes to choose from, you'll find the right pair for you!

  2. Replacement Fins are important to have on hand!

    Replacement Fins are important to have on hand when your board's fins are ready for replacements! These Replacement Small Fins, set of 3 are perfect for boards such as the 9 ft Softie™ Rescue Board - Tri-Fin! Order yours today!

  3. The Lifeguard Fin Bag is Perfect for Carrying Your Fins Before and After Use!

    The Lifeguard Fin Bag, made of 100% Quik™ dry Nylon with mesh front is perfect for carrying your fins before and after use! Features include an adjustable shoulder strap with pad, zippered inside pouch, plastic key hook and Lifeguard logo imprint. This Lifeguard Fin Bag is ideal for Lifeguards!

  4. Rescue Tube & Fins Essential For Drowning Prevention

    Shop Rescue Tubes!

    Lifeguard & National Drowning Prevention Advocate Kevin McCarthy pictured above on a recent episode of Lifeguard TV® explaining the value for lifeguards, surfers, swimmers to have flotation in the form of either a ring buoy, rescue tube, or other appropriate device available while in or near the water. He also stressed the importance of swim fins, which are often overlooked but extremely valuable in strong water conditions such as rip currents.

  5. Water Fins Loved For Swim Versatility!

    Shop Skwim™ Fins!

    As many involved in water sports and game play are finding out, Skwim™ is creating a new, long awaited re-invigoration into the world of aquatics. One aspect that some may have overlooked is the amazing versatility of the game's footwear and the benefits that they can provide. In addition to being the go to footwear for their namesake sport, Skwim Fins are ideal for most every water activity, swim training, Masters Swimming, Learn-to-Swim, Swim Schools, Aquatic Fitness, Water Running, Open Water Swimming, Snorkeling, Small Wave Bodysurfing and much more.

    Skwim Fins are easy to pack, lightweight, great for water safety, and balance propulsion. They also provide correct biofeedback to the user on correct kick form and technique, and unlike any other fin on the market, they are great for all water strokes!

  6. New Kickboard & Fins Revolutionize Surf BodyBoarding!


    The Patented designs of the GLIDE Kickboard and Surf Rescue Fins have opened up new possibilities in wave kick surfing. The unsurpassed speed and versatility of the GLIDE Kickboard, coupled with the incredible power and comfort of the Surf Rescue Fins, are presenting a new dimension in ocean sport and fun!

  7. New Skwim Fins Will Change Water Sports Forever

    Water Sports Reinvented!

    The new Full Foot Skwim Fins will change the water sports industry forever. These new Fins are to water game play as bowling shoes are to bowling. They are essential! They will alter the manner in which water sports and games are played. The soft pliable proprietary rubber material is considerably more comfortable than that of other old style fins. The enhanced performance that these Fins provide will make your game of skwim, water polo, or whichever other water sport it may be, faster and more fun.

  8. New Skwim Fins Provide Amazing Water Sports Performance!

    Play Skwim™!

    Get ready to have amazing water sports fun with Skwim™! Skwim is taking the water sports world by storm. Aquatic facilities around the globe are having great fun and learning about water safety at the same time. Now it is even easier to play Skwim with new full foot Skwim Fins that are super easy to put on and provide incredible water kick performance!

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