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  1. The Patrol Rescue Can Rack is the Perfect Rack to Hold the Patrol Rescue Can!

    The Patrol Rescue Can Rack is the perfect rack to hold the Patrol Rescue Can! The Patrol Rescue Can Rack makes it convenient for lifeguards or anyone needing a rack to hold their rescue can.

  2. The Rescue Can Replacement Line & Strap is a Necessity!

    The Rescue Can Replacement Line & Strap is important to have available when needed! The Replacement Super-Duty 2" Nylon strap and 10' towline is for use with the Patrol Rescue Can. Order yours today!

  3. The Costume Rescue Can is a Great Lifeguard Costume Accessory!

    Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your Lifeguard Halloween costume? The Costume Rescue Can is just what you need! Available in several color options, this Costume Rescue Can is a great Lifeguard costume accessory!

  4. The Patrol Rescue Can is Lifeguard Tough!

    The Patrol Rescue Can is Lifeguard Tough! Features super strong and lightweight cross-linked polyethylene, extra-thick walls (provide added strength and durability), improved state-of-the-art molded pebble-grained hand grips and comes complete with Super-Duty 2" Nylon strap and 10' towline. The Patrol Rescue Can is a must-have!

  5. The Rescue Key is Ideal for Lifeguards to Have on Hand!

    The Rescue Key is a Key chain sized CPR barrier that is both easy to use and effective at preventing direct mouth contact between rescuer and victim. This Rescue Key is convenient for Lifeguards to have on hand!

  6. The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain Makes a Great Junior Lifeguard Incentive!

    The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain makes a great Junior Lifeguard incentive! Show your apprecation for their hard work with this floating rescue tube key chain! Features JR. Guard imprint and is available Lifeguard Red™ or Yellow. Perfect for any Junior Lifeguard!

  7. Mini Rescue Tube Keychains Make Great Lifeguard Incentives!

    Mini Rescue Tube Keychains make great lifeguard incentives! These floating rescue tube key chains are perfect for keeping keys and whistles afloat! With Guard imprint and so many color options to choose from, these are a great way to show your appreciation for hardworking lifeguards!

  8. YMCA Lifeguards Discover Better Rescue Tube!

    YMCA lifeguards along with lifeguards from just about every type of certification agency and aquatic facility around the world are discovering the next generation in rescue tubes, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube!  The photo above shows 80 old style coated vinyl YMCA rescue tubes from a YMCA in the USA being traded in for the revolutionary new LIFE Tubes.  YMCA lifeguards have been among those on the forefront of upgrading their old tubes to the new far superior much longer lasting LIFE Tubes.  In the age of COVID-19 budgets are tight and many YMCAs are realizing that purchasing a LIFE Rescue Tube that could potentially last up to 8 to 10 times longer than the old vinyl coated ones is an easy decision.  Also, the LIFE Rescue Tube is made from a proprietary hydrophobic f

  9. Rescue Tube Insanity! Doing The Same Thing...

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    Lifeguards you know that old adage, "Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result." Well to quote the late great Yogi Berra, "It's like Deja Vu all over again" seeing old vinyl rescues tubes rip and fall apart in a matter of weeks not months or months not years. Fortunately, for all of us aquatics folks, there is finally a solution to what ails us. The solution is the LIFE™ Rescue Tube. The Patented design of this industry changing innovation is transforming the way lifeguards do their jobs and saving lives in the process. Not to mention that the LIFE Rescue Tubes will outlast the old vinyl coated rescue tubes by up to 10 times longer, saving aquatic facilities a pretty penny.

  10. Is Your Lifeguard Rescue Tube Outdated?

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    Is your Lifeguard Rescue Tube outdated? Was it invented in the 1960s? Is out made out of outdated vinyl coated foam? Is your rescue tube cracking, peeling, ripping, and absorbing bodily fluids such as sweat, blood, saliva, urine, and / or fecal matter thus creating a potential Biohazard?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes" then it is time to upgrade your rescue tubes to the revolutionary industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube!

    Here is what one recent customer is saying: My favorite feature of the LIFE Rescue Tube is "The durable and solid construction- it doesn't crack or tear and the ability to insert a new harness strap..."

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