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  1. The Lifeguard Chair Anchoring Kit Allows You to Anchor Everondack™ Lifeguard Chairs to a Firm Foundation!


    The Lifeguard Chair Anchoring Kit allows you to anchor Everondack™ Lifeguard Chairs to a firm foundation! Purchase this Lifeguard Chair Anchoring Kit for your LG 400, LG 500 or LG 505 Lifeguard Chairs today!

  2. The Lifeguard Chair Platform Kit is Ideal for Use With Several of Our Lifeguard Chairs!


    The Lifeguard Chair Platform Kit is ideal for use with several of our lifeguard chairs! It is maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers! It never needs painting or staining and has a tough, non-absorbent surface that cleans easily.

  3. The SEAL QUIK® Pump is Important to Have on Hand When Needed!

    The Seal Quik® Pump allows the user to inflate the Seal Quik® Mask Kit. With the Seal Quik® Mask Kit being such an important part of your rescue equipment, it is essential to have the Seal Quik® Pump on hand when needed! Order yours today!

  4. The Seal Quik® Mask Kit's Revolutionary Design Sets the Seal Quik® in a Class by Itself!

    The Seal Quik® Mask Kit's revolutionary design sets the Seal Quik® in a class by itself! Uniquely designed resuscitation mask that allows rescue breathing in or out of the water. Unique clear design for condition monitoring of patient and exclusive proprietary inline mask O² inlet prevents oxygen escape. The Seal Quik® Mask Kit is a must-have!

  5. Lifeguard First Aid Kit, a Must-Have!

    It's important for everyone including aquatic facilities to have First Aid Kits. With items such as Hand Sanitizer, Nitrile Gloves, Eye Wash and more, you'll find what you need with this Class A Lifeguard First Aid Kit!

  6. Lifeguard Summer Survival Kit

    As first responders, lifeguard's responsibilities to save lives are greater than ever. As aquatic facilities begin to open up in the midst of COVID-19, lifeguards will be tasked with new responsibilities and abilities to secure and utilize new equipment and technologies. It is of the utmost importance for lifeguards to be prepared in the face of this new adversity.

  7. Where Do You Keep Your N95 Mask?

    Are you looking for a handy way to always have your COVID-19 preparedness items right at hand? The Anti COVID-19 Response Kit is just what the doctor ordered so to speak. You can store a N95 or other mask as well as gloves and an Anti-Septic Cleaning Wipe as well as other essential items right at your side ready to go in a moments notice with this Kit.

  8. Mississippi Lifeguards Are First To Aid!

    Shop First Aid!

    Mississippi Lifeguards like other Lifeguards around the United States and the World are highly dedicated and devoted to the people they serve. Lifeguards are most often the First Responder on scene and the last to leave. A high quality First Aid Bag or Kit is essential to supporting a Lifeguard in their duty to help others. This Lifeguard First Aid Kit should be well stocked with exactly the items that a Lifeguard needs and not items that he or she doesn't need. It should be easily accessible. Lifeguards should also develop a system for replacing items as needed so that the First Aid items that Lifeguards use are always there when they need them.

    Lifeguards and other Recreation and Aquatics Personnel are gathering together this week in Oxford, Mississippi for the Mississippi Recreation and Park Association (MRPA) Conference to learn about innovations and new technologies in their field. Some new innovations in Lifeguarding over the past few years, that are generating excitement among Lifeguards, are the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, Seal Quik™ Mask, and the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard.

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