1. Innovations In Aquatics Explained! Founder and longtime Aquatics Industry Professional Mike Rogers will be presenting at the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) Conference in Frisco, Texas on Tuesday, February 18. The topic being presented is 'Innovation In Aquatics'. Mr. Rogers will be discussing historical trends in aquatics innovations, the importance of innovation in aquatics and lifeguarding, as well as current and future innovations. The presentation will take place in the swimming pool area of the Hilton Embassy Suites at 1:15 pm.

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  2. Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Cap!

    Shop Lifeguard Caps!

    Lifeguards are often out in the blazing Sun and elements for hours on end. It is essential that Lifeguards cover up with a quality Lifeguard Cap to protect against dangerous cancer causing UV Rays. Lifeguard Headwear is one of the more important pieces of equipment for Lifeguards. Whether it be a Lifeguard Hat or Cap, make sure to protect your all important head, face, and neck while Lifeguarding.

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  3. New Rescue Tube Reinvents Lifeguarding!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes!

    The industry changing new LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the #1 selling rescue tube in the world! Lifeguards & Lifeguard Agencies across the United States and around the World have been switching to use of the LIFE™ Tube at supersonic speed. The Patented rescue enhancing features and unmatched durability of the LIFE Rescue Tube are making the upgrade an easy decision for Lifeguards.

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  4. Lifeguarding Is A Way Of Life!

    Shop Chlorine Is My Cologne™!

    Are you a Lifeguard? Do you live in the water? Do you smell like chlorine 99% of the time? Congratulations you are the real deal! You need to let everyone else know what you are all about by wearing Chlorine is My Cologne™ gear.

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  5. Lifeguard Cap Big Hit At Baywatch Premiere!

    Head's Up!

    Baywatch is the blockbuster movie release of the summer! Mega Stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario just to name a few, try their hand at lifeguarding. Crowds of excited movie fans were on hand at the Miami Beach Premiere. Lifeguard TV® was on site covering the festivities and passing out® Trucker Caps which the fans loved. Cap adorned fans were seen throughout the evening combing the streets of South Beach.

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  6. LIFE Bright Rescue Tube!

    Brighten Up!

    The bright safety yellow color of the Patented LIFE™ Rescue Tube is specially designed to be visible in all aquatic environments. The LIFE Patrol Rescue Tube is pictured here without the one of a kind replaceable strap. Lifeguarding Reinvented!™

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  7. The Latest in Lifesaving Technology

    Does your Aquatics facility or Ocean Rescue agency use the latest in Lifesaving technology? Try the LIFE™ Rescue Tube and discover why it is the "The Rescue Tube Reinvented™"! Find out more:

    May 3, 2016 1:20:41 AM
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  8. The LIFE™ Rescue Tube vs. Conventional Rescue Tubes

    LIFE™ Tube

    The innovative new LIFE™ Rescue Tube (LIFE™ Tube) features revolutionary molded LIFE GRIPS™ and Easy Grip™ molded surface that combine to make rescuing a drowning victim faster and easier when performing lifesaving maneuvers. The LIFE™ Tube also features a replaceable strap system that makes changing out the strap a breeze.

    The LIFE™ Tube weighs in at just 3 pounds, which increases the mobility of this new tube to help any potential victims. This portable rescue tube is useful for quick responses, if a situation were ever to occur.

    Innovative molded LIFE GRIPS™ allow a rescuer to perform reach assist maneuvers from various positions using the rescue tube. State of the art proprietary foam will not absorb water and deteriorate like that of traditional rescue tubes.

    The durable foam is pick-resistant and will never crack or split like that of traditional rescue tubes. The LIFE™ Tube is guaranteed to last for years!

    With all of these features, the LIFE™ Tube renders previous versions of the rescue tube obsolete. It's easy to understand why the LIFE™ Tube is considered the new standard in rescue tubes!

    For more information about the LIFE™ Tube, please click here!

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