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  1. Lifeguards Love Water Man!

    Shop Waterman™!

    Lifeguards, both Women & Men love the water intrinsically. That would explain why they have chosen a profession that spends most of the time in it (Water). Waterman™ Brand is designed specifically for those that live their lives as a part of the water.

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  2. Lifeguards Love Incentives!

    Shop Incentives!

    Believe it or not the Summer Lifeguard Season in North America will soon be coming to a close. It's now time to show Lifeguards how much you appreciate their service. Whether it be a Lifeguard Bookmark for Back to School or a Lifeguard Tote for those quick shopping trips, Lifeguards love Lifeguard Incentives and Gifts!

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  3. Wave Surfers Ready For the Rip!

    Get Ready!

    California surfers most likely remember this beauty from the early and mid 1980s! Originating in Newport Beach, the WAVA HULL, worked its way up and down the Coast attracting both serious Wave Surfers and Recreational ones alike.The speed that this surf sled can generate on a curling wave will put a smile on even the most serious Waterman. Pictured here at Cocoa Beach, Florida the WAVA HULL may be making a long anticipated comeback.

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  4. LIFE Tube Ready For Boat Rescue!

    View LIFE™ Rescue Tubes!

    The photo above show Lifeguards at Lago Del Rocio, Argentina training for Lifeguard Boat Rescue. Featured on the side gunnel of this Lifeguard Rescue Boat is the LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube. The Lifeguard industry changing LIFE Rescue Tube can now be found Worldwide used by prominent Lifesaving agencies.

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  5. Seal Mask Pack With Easy Flip Closure!

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    The new Quik Pak™ is the perfect holder for the Seal Quik™ Mask Kit. It easily attaches to most Hip Pack or utility belts. The Quik Pak™ also attaches directly to the industry changing Patented LIFE™ Rescue Tube (No additional hardware needed).

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  6. Rescue Tube Setting A New Standard!

    Set The Standard!

    Whether it be the ability to do a 54 second rescue in 27 seconds compared with the old vinyl rescue tubes or the much longer lasting proprietary foam technology, the new LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tubes have established a new standard and beat the now obsolete vinyl foam tubes hands down! Get a LIFE Tube and see for yourself!

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  7. Lifeguards Celebrate the 4th Of July!

    Celebrate With A Lifeguard Sticker!

    As a Lifeguard you have been working hard this summer and the 4th of July typically marks a crucial mid point for the Lifeguard Season for some. Traffic often times begin to gradually slow after this point. In the spare moments you have this special Independence Day Holiday for Americans, take a little time for yourself and take a quick breather before the summer begins to start winding down.

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