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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  1. Check Out The New LIFE™ Tube Maneuvers Lookbook

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  2. What is the Speed Entry™?

    The Speed Entry™ Maneuver is a revolutionary new lifesaving entry that allows a rescuer to enter the water and reach a distressed or drowning swimmer at a much faster rate than older, slower entries such as the stride jump entry.

    The Speed Entry™ is not a dive and, if done correctly, the rescuer's head should never get wet. The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is positioned between the rescuer and the water, much like a small surfboard, allowing the rescuer upon contact with the water, to glide forward directly towards the victim at a fast rate of speed. The Speed Entry™ position also allows the rescuer to easily transition into a faster Surf Paddle™ approach and subsequently into one of the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube rescue maneuvers.

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