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  1. This Side Storage Box is a Must-Have For the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station!

    This Side Storage Box is a must-have For the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station! Ideal for storing small personal equipment or other items! Perfect for Lifeguards!

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  2. These Lifeguard / First Aid Room Supplies Storage Bins are Excellent for a Variety of Storage Applications!

    These Lifeguard / First Aid Room Supplies Storage Bins are excellent for a variety of storage applications! These quality bins feature a wide front opening for easy access, large label holders for quick Identification, 1 rear and 2 side grip handles. They're made of durable, easy-to-clean polypropylene that resists rust, corrosion and most chemicals. Ideal for lifeguard / first aid room supplies!

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  3. Convenient Way to Store Your Life Vests!

    Life Vest Storage Bags make it convenient to store your Life Vests and your life vests will stay clean. The vinyl-coated fabric resists mold and mildew. They are tailored to fit Type II life vests (Holds 6) or boat cushions. Always know where to find your Life Vests with these convenient Life Vest Storage Bags.

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  4. Life Vest Storage Bags Are a Must-Have!

    Store your Life Vests in this convenient Life Vest Storage Bag that is designed to hold 4 Life vests. It is tailored to fit Type II life vests or boat cushions and has mesh air vents on 4 sides that allow for fast drying. It is important to keep your Life Vests in a safe place and you'll know where to find them with these Life Vest Storage Bags.

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  5. Kickboard Storage Racking your Brain?

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    Are you racking your brain trying to find a storage solution for your kickboards? Well rack your brain no more and discover the Kickboard Storage Rack. Ideal for swimming pools and waterparks! Lifeguards and Aquatic Facility Managers love them because they help keep the deck area clean and organized. Swimmers love them because they know right where to get their kickboard.

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  6. Need A Cart For Life Vest Storage?

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    Are you looking for a cart to store your life vest? A cart that is portable that you can roll in and out and around the pool deck. Look no further than the super durable Life Vest Storage Cart! This is a very popular device for storage of all life jackets used by waterparks, pools, lazy rivers, and more.

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