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  1. Lifeguard Products In International Aquatics Magazine

    Learn More!

    The September issue of Aquatics International Magazine has a news story referencing the new California law that requires new more specific and detailed lifeguard training at each aquatic facility. The new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Curriculum meets California's requirements. The photo (above) featured in the article is from the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. In the photo, American Red Cross lifeguards are seen using the eLifeguard.com® Patent Pending Lifeguard First Responder Bag and the eLifeguard.com 5000 Backboard.

  2. Lifeguard Board Shorts For Lifeguards

    Choose Board Shorts!

    If Lifeguard Board Shorts are what you need, eLifeguard.com® has got you covered! We have the largest selection of Lifeguard Board Shorts of any company in the world.

  3. Free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster!

    Lifeguards, did you get your free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster? Get a free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster with every order placed with eLifeguard.com while supplies last! Don't miss out!

  4. Free Baywatch Movie Poster!

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    Lifeguards, did you get your free Baywatch Movie Poster? Get a free Baywatch Movie Poster with every order placed with eLifeguard.com while supplies last! Don't miss out!

  5. Doug Flutie At Brevard County Ocean Rescue Training

    Ocean Rescue!

    Lifeguard TV® Star and Renowned Waterman Wyatt Werneth and Heisman Trophy Winning NFL Quarterback Doug Flutie, both pictured here, participated in the Brevard County Ocean Rescue Joint Agency Training. Werneth's Agency, Melbourne Beach Water Rescue, had eLifeguard.com® LIFE™ Rescue Tubes on hand for the training. Great job guys!

  6. Lifeguard Cap Big Hit At Baywatch Premiere!

    Head's Up!

    Baywatch is the blockbuster movie release of the summer! Mega Stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario just to name a few, try their hand at lifeguarding. Crowds of excited movie fans were on hand at the Miami Beach Premiere. Lifeguard TV® was on site covering the festivities and passing out eLifeguard.com® Trucker Caps which the fans loved. Cap adorned fans were seen throughout the evening combing the streets of South Beach.

  7. eLifeguard.com® Celebrating 20 Seasons Serving Lifeguards!

    Be Water Safe!

    eLifeguard.com is very happy to spend its 20th Memorial Day Weekend serving lifeguards and aquatic professionals worldwide. As current and former lifeguards, we are 100% committed to helping lifeguards keep their patrons and themselves safe in and out of the water. We are looking forward to serving you for 20 more seasons!

  8. Proud To Sponsor USLA Board Meeting

    Swim Near A Lifeguard!

    eLifeguard.com is proud to have been a sponsor of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Spring Board of Directors Meeting in Cape Cod, Massachusetts this past month. Lifeguards For Life! Swim Near A Lifeguard!

  9. Safety Yellow Lifeguard Backboard Outshines The Competition

    Shine On!

    The new Safety Yellow color of the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard makes it visible for lifeguards and aquatic personnel like never before. Yellow is a bright color that is ideal for lifeguards and water safety as it is easily seen in all aquatic environments and holds up well to harsh environmental conditions. The ER7 Lifeguard Backboard has been the best selling backboard for lifeguards and aquatic professionals ever since it appeared earlier this year throughout the new American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguard Training Manual.

    To find the ER7 product page click here.

  10. eLifeguard.com® LIFE™ Rescue Tube (Synopsis)

    "Hi, I'm lifeguard, Kevin McCarthy, and I'm here to talk about the eLifeguard.com® LIFE™ Tube.

    As you can see, it's very unique in it's design. It's wider at the center, and tapers off on the sides. It does have very distinctive, what we call LIFE GRIPS™. Which is a soft, flexible - but yet, very strong grip handle, as you can see. All the way down the way down, around the product from the ends. From one end to the other. Which can help with assist, helps both lifeguard, and the victim.

    As you can see, the product's symmetrical side to side. So we've got the LIFE GRIP™ around both sides - top and bottom. There is a texture design, a rib design running up and down the product, all the way around for increased grip. And thin material that's 100% waterproof, very UV resistant, and holds up year after year.

    Unlike many tubes on the market that might break down after a year, year and a half in UV and harsh environment, like we're going to film in today. The LIFE™ Tube comes with a 3 year warranty. So it's - very, very durable product.

    Also wanted to tell you about a key strap feature that we have here for the LIFE™ Tube. Instead of being glued or laminated through the product, the LIFE™ Tube strap is woven mechanically through the product, and then is doubled back over itself here in the center and velcro'ed down. So it can be replaced. Can be adjusted, and also accessories can be place on it. Whether that's a CPR mask or some other product. You can actually mechanically attach right to your strap.

    Other features coming in the future are the eLifeguard.com® open water LIFE™ Strap, which will have distinguishable features with all brass attachment points. So that the tube can be brought together and attached and secured around the victim. Today in our demonstrations, we'll be using the standard pool strap, which does pull from the center here. And as we said, the strap weaves all the way through the product. So the load on the load on the strap is displaced evenly throughout the product. So both sides are extremely strong, as you can see here.

    Great. Wanted to also point out to you on the LIFE™ Tube, the reach assist end loop. As you can see, comes straight out through the middle of the tube for easy access for the victim. Easy grip, sure grip. Will not pull out, will not move. And also included in that, we've got the LIFE GRIP™ handle. Which they can also grab in a panic situation. So you've got this place right here, and also the loop, which is easy to grab. And then the easy grip handle runs all the way around the tube, as you can see. From one end to the other. And also both sides.

    Thanks for watching."

    For more information about the LIFE™ Rescue Tube click here!

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