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  1. The LIFE Rescue Tube is the Waterman's Choice!


    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is the lifesaving implement of choice for the Waterman™. The LIFE Tube allows the Waterman to perform lifesaving rescues faster than any other device. In addition to the many other exciting new lifesaving maneuvers performed with the the LIFE Rescue Tube, the Waterman can also use it as a mini surf rescue board. Lifeguarding Reinvented!

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  2. Are You A Waterman? Find Out!

    Be a Waterman™!

    Do you relish every opportunity to be in the water? Are you a lifeguard or make your living on or in the water? Do you strive to keep others safe while on the water? YOU are a Waterman™!

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  3. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, White Out™!

    Hats On!

    Coming soon lifeguards will have a new place to hang their hats or at least a new hat to hang. Stay tuned for the White Out Trucker Foam Cap!

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  4. The Water Disk Game For Everyone!

    Play skwim™!

    There is finally an exciting water sport game for the whole community. Ages 5 through Seniors can all participate and have success and fun in the water. It's an amazing coed game as well as inter-generational. Play skwim™!

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  5. International Orange Brightens Up Rescue Tubes!

    Brighten Up!

    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now available in International Orange, one of the original safety rescue colors. Orange is bright and easily visible in a variety of water conditions. It also holds up well against harmful UV Rays. Orange is a great addition to the LIFE Rescue Tube line of industry changing rescue tubes!

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  6. Go Green Lifeguard for St. Patrick's Day & Help Save the Planet

    Go Green!

    Are you looking for ways to reuse consumables and help save the environment? The GreenLifeguard™ Initiative is a program in which you or your company reuse boxes and packaging supplies to help reduce waste. Just slap on a Green Lifeguard sticker to let people know what you are doing and how they can join in, and you have become a part of the solution. Yep that's it! Pretty easy, but can have a major impact in saving the planet one box at a time.
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  7. Lifeguard Bag Makes TV Show Appearance!

    Bag it Up!

    The other day an® team member was browsing Hulu and started watching an episode of Angie Tribeca. They noticed one of our Lifeguard Bags showcased in the lifeguard beach scene. Pretty cool!

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  8. New Large Rescue Tube Maximizes Lifesaving!


    The new larger 50" LIFE Rescue Tube is the latest edition in the lifeguard industry changing rescue tube series. This longer model provides maximum flotation for all lifesaving maneuvers. The extended LIFE GRIPS provide more than adequate gripping surface for multiple victims. This larger tube easily does all of the exciting new life rescue maneuvers as the other model LIFE Rescue Tubes. It can also function like a small rescue board in both pool and surf conditions. The new large 50" LIFE Rescue Tube truly is Lifeguarding Reinvented!

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  9. LIFE Rescue Project Talks Drowning Prevention On The Weather Channel

    Find Out More!

    The LIFE Rescue Project will be appearing on The Weather Channel to educate beachgoers about drowning prevention. Spokesperson for the non-profit, 'America's Lifeguard' Wyatt Werneth seen here with Weather Channel Star Jim Cantore. is a proud sponsor of the LIFE Rescue Project.

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  10. Lifesaving Reinvented! Introducing the 50" LIFE™ Rescue Tube & The Sight Entry™

    In Sight!

    Lifesaving Reinvented! Introducing the 50" LIFE™ Rescue Tube & The Sight Entry™, a revolutionary new implement & maneuver, both designed to speed up & enhance the lifeguard's ability to save lives! The 50" LIFE Rescue Tube adds increased buoyancy and form factor to the already proven design of the LIFE Rescue Tube. The Sight Entry is a new lifesaving entry that coupled with the LIFE Tube, is the fastest and most effective lifesaving water entry performed from a height. It is called the Sight Entry because lifeguards performing this entry can maintain their line of sight on the victim upon impact. The lifeguard also stays at or near the surface of the water which allows a faster recovery time to begin the lifesaving approach stroke.

    To view the Sight Entry in action click here!

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