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  1. Improve Your Lifeguard Uniform With the Thin Strap Lifeguard Proback!

    With top quality chlorine-resistant 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex material, you can't go wrong with the Thin Strap Lifeguard Proback! Available in several color options and includes an embroidered lifeguard logo. This quality, stylish suit is great for Lifeguards or any aquatic professional!

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  2. The Thin Strap Lifeguard Proback is the Perfect Suit to Complete Your Lifeguard Uniform!

    The Thin Strap Lifeguard Proback is the perfect suit for your lifeguard uniform! The new & improved top quality chlorine-resistant material, fully lined, front and back, with top quality dark navy lining and embroidered lifeguard logo included make this the ideal suit for any Lifeguard!

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    The Lifeguard Two Tone Thin Strap Two Piece Swimsuit is one of our most popular Lifeguard Uniform Swimsuit Styles. Lifeguards love the comfort and professional look of this Swimsuit.

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  4. Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit

    Guard On!

    Lifeguard swimsuits are an essential lifeguard uniform requirement for all lifeguards. The lifeguard logo should be prominently displayed to let the aquatic facility or beach patrons know who to look to for assistance should a rescue or safety situation arise.

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  5. Why Do Women Love These Lifeguard Shorts?

    Style Me In!

    Going on break and need a pair of shorts to cover up? Women love these lifeguard shorts because they're soft, durable and dry fast. The Velcro-free fly will not pick at your swimsuit either like other shorts. Choose red, royal, or navy and show off your lifeguard style!

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  6. Choose the Color that's Right for You!


    Lifeguard Super Proback

    Choose the Color that's Right for You! Available in #Lifeguard Red, Royal Blue, Navy or Black.

    Click Here to Shop: http://www.elifeguard.com/96-lifeguard-super-proback

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