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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. YMCA Lifeguards Love These Lifeguard Chairs & Rescue Tubes!

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    Are you attending the YMCA 2018 Membership & Program Expo? YMCA Lifeguards across the country and around the world love the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube! The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the best selling Rescue Tube to YMCAs hands down!* Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are also loved by YMCAs due to their exciting color choices and unique features like the new WHEELS.

    *Based on sales nationwide

  2. Lifeguard Platform Chair

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    The revolutionary Lifeguard Platform Chair enhances the ability of a Lifeguard to monitor aquatic facility patrons.

  3. Kentucky Lifeguards Love Rescue Tube!

    Lifeguards at aquatic facilities across the State of Kentucky were among the first in the nation Lifeguards to adopt use of the industry changing new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. Parks and YMCA Aquatic Facilities throughout the Bluegrass have upgraded from old vinyl tubes to the new industry standard LIFE™ Tubes.

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  4. Lifeguard Chairs Headed To Central America

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    As economies grow in Central America, the safety and security of visitors and locales alike is becoming top priority. Lifeguards are tasked with the duty to keep swimmers safe and high quality Lifeguard Chairs are a very important part of that mission. Lifeguards in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua are looking to eLifeguard.com® for these Lifeguard Chairs.

  5. Colorful Rescue Tube!

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    New colorful LIFE™ Rescue Tube made it's Lifeguard industry debut at the Association of Aquatics Professionals (AOAP) Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It is all the rage among Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionals!

  6. Lifeguard Hip Pack

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    For the the perfect Lifeguard Hip Pack, look no further than eLifeguard.com®! Click here for the largest selection of Lifeguard Hip Packs anywhere!

  7. Lifeguard Hoodies

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    When it gets cold outside and sometimes inside Lifeguards need to stay warm and get their body temperatures up to avoid discomfort and even Hypothermia. A Lifeguard Hoodie is the perfect cost effective way for Lifeguards to Warm Up!

  8. Delaware Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Backboard!

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    The ER7 Lifeguard Backboard is loved by Lifeguards around the country including those in Delaware. The innovative backboard design of the ER7 has become the standard for Aquatic Facilities nationwide over the past few years since its inception and culminating in its recent inclusion in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual early last year. The ER7 Lifeguard Backboard is pictured here with the industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube.

  9. Australia Lifeguard Chair

    Are you Lifeguard Down Under? Are you looking for a ripper Lifeguard Chair? All of our quality Lifeguard Chairs are fair dinkum! Lifeguards in Australia love our Lifeguard Chairs.

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  10. Lifeguard Products Listed In Aquatics

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    eLifeguard.com®, a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative Lifeguard Products seen above listed in the Aquatics International Magazine Lifeguard Products Manufacturer Directory. Also displayed on the Aquatics website are featured articles about eLifeguard.com's industry changing products such as the LIFE™ Rescue Tube and Lifeguard Chairs.

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