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  1. The Lifeguard Hip Pack - Ultimate™ is the Ideal Hip Pack for Lifeguards!

    The Lifeguard Hip Pack - Ultimate™ is extremely water resistant and features an insulated water bottle holder, sunscreen/radio pocket, and is specially designed for the Pocket Mask. Resuscitation mask fits compact or fully assembled. These features make the Lifeguard Hip Pack - Ultimate™ the ideal hip pack for Lifeguards!

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  2. The Waterpark Lifeguard Hip Pack is ideal for Water Park Lifeguards!

    The Waterpark Lifeguard Hip Pack is ideal for water park lifeguards! It is extremely water-resistant and features three zippered compartments and adjustable waist strap with ABS plastic snap buckle. Top Velcro straps hold water bottle or Lifeguard Beach Towel making this the perfect hip pack for water park lifeguards or any lifeguard!

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  3. Two Pocket Lifeguard Hip Packs Are Convenient for Lifeguards!

    Keep all of your Lifeguard essentials right at your side with the Two Pocket Lifeguard Hip Pack. Two separate pockets allow for easy access to all of your Lifeguard essentials, such as Pocket Masks and more. Available in many colors that will coordinate with any Lifeguard uniform and includes Lifeguard logo.

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  4. Lifeguard Take A Load Off Fanny Pack!

    Take A Load Off!

    It is important for Lifeguards to keep all of their essential items close at hand. A Lifeguard Fanny Pack is just what the Lifeguard ordered!

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