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  1. Find the Perfect Shirt to Complete Your Lifeguard Uniform in our Women's Shirts Category!

    Find the perfect shirt to complete your lifeguard uniform in our Women's Shirts Category! With tank tops, rash shirts and several different t-shirts to choose from, you'll find just what you need!

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  2. Check out the Great Selection of Quality Women's Lifeguard Uniform Tops in Our Women's Lifeguard Uniform Tops Category!


    Check out the great selection of quality Women's lifeguard uniform tops in our Women's Lifeguard Uniform Tops category! You'll find 2-piece tops, jackets, t-shirts and more!

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  3. Our Women's Lifeguard Uniform Category Has Everything You Need to Complete Your Lifeguard Uniform!

    Our Women's Lifeguard Uniform Category has everything you need to complete your lifeguard uniform! Great selection of quality one piece and 2-piece suits, shorts, shirts, jackets and more!

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  4. Check Out Our Men's Lifeguard Tops Category for a Great Selection of Lifeguard Uniform Tops!

    Check Out Our Men's Lifeguard Tops Category for a great selection of Lifeguard Uniform Tops! You'll find a great selection of Lifeguard T-Shirts, jackets, rash shirts and more!

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  5. The Lifeguard Rash Shirt is perfect for Lifeguards!

    The Lifeguard Rash Shirt will make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! Features 6 oz 4-way stretch Nylon / Lycra with UPF 30+ protection, flat lock stitching with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint, making it perfect for Lifeguards!

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  6. Upgrade Your Lifeguard Uniform With a Lifeguard Polo Shirt!

    Complete your Lifeguard uniform with a Lifeguard Polo Shirt. If you're ready to upgrade your Lifeguard uniform, the Lifeguard Polo Shirt is the way to go! They provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in Lifeguard Red™ or White with Embroidered Lifeguard logo included.

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  7. Surfing Santas Shirts Kick Off Holiday Season!

    Get Your Surfing Santas Shirt!

    Yes its that time of year again. Surfing Santas time! Santas from all over the country are putting on their best Santa outfit to ascend upon Cocoa Beach, Florida to surf the holidays in with style. Surfing Santas Shirts are the best way for you and your family to get into the Christmas and holiday spirit. The newest style Surfing Santas T-Shirts are now available for the whole family. Don't get a chunk of coal for Christmas or Hanukkah or your favorite holiday, get stoked and get a Surfing Santas T-Shirt today!

    Don't forget to support the Florida Surf Museum and Grind For Life!

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  8. Nebraska Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Chairs, Shorts, Shirts!

    Shop Lifeguard Products!

    Nebraska Lifeguards train hard and expect only the very best quality when it comes to the Lifeguard Equipment, Uniforms, & Supplies that they use. eLifeguard.com® has been serving Nebraska Lifeguards for over 20 years and has greatly valued the close partnership with them. Whether it be Lifeguard Chairs, Lifeguard Shorts, or Lifeguard Shirts, Nebraska Lifeguards expect the best and eLifeguard.com does everything to provide it to them.

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  9. Lifeguard Shirts Or Skins?

    Shop Lifeguard Shirts!

    Lifeguard Shirts are a great way to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. They also identify you as a Lifeguard. There are many different styles, colors, and prints when it comes to Lifeguard Shirts. It is up to you as a Lifeguard to decide whether or not to go shirts or skins while on duty, and which is better for you and the protection of your skin!

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