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  1. Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts Make a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Wardrobe!


    Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! This short sleeve, 100% Polyester rash t-shirt with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint included is perfect for lifeguards!

  2. Utah Lifeguards Live The Good Life!

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    Utah Lifeguards, Aquatics, and Recreation Professionals met this week for the annual conference of the Utah Recreation & Parks Association (URPA) in St. George, Utah. In addition to being a time to network and catch up with friends and colleagues, this was an opportunity for those involved in the field of Aquatics to discuss new Lifesaving technologies and innovations in the Lifeguard industry. Among those in attendance were Lifeguards certified with the American Red Cross, StarGuard, and YMCA.

    Innovations that have been making waves in Aquatics in recent years include the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, which is now the #1 selling rescue tube in the world; the Seal Quik™ Mask, which is the Lifeguard industry standard seal mask (based on lifesaving certification adoption); and the new Lifesaving Training Manikin - Silhouette, which debuted at the recent conference of the Association of Aquatic Professionals.

    Other Lifeguard industry standard facility items (pictured above) include the red Everondack® LG 505 Lifeguard Chair, Solarlyte™ Lifeguard Umbrella, Lifeguard Board Shorts, and the Lifeguard T-Shirt.

  3. Surfing Santas Shirts Kick Off Holiday Season!

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    Yes its that time of year again. Surfing Santas time! Santas from all over the country are putting on their best Santa outfit to ascend upon Cocoa Beach, Florida to surf the holidays in with style. Surfing Santas Shirts are the best way for you and your family to get into the Christmas and holiday spirit. The newest style Surfing Santas T-Shirts are now available for the whole family. Don't get a chunk of coal for Christmas or Hanukkah or your favorite holiday, get stoked and get a Surfing Santas T-Shirt today!

    Don't forget to support the Florida Surf Museum and Grind For Life!

  4. Want a Lifeguard T-Shirt for $2.99?

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    Hey Lifeguards! Is your Lifeguard T-Shirt showing some wear? Did you spill Chlorine on it? Is the white color now sweat gray? Solution - You need a new Lifeguard T-Shirt! Do you have 3 bucks handy? Throw in a few more items like a cool Lifeguard Cap and a Lifeguard Sweatshirt and you are getting Free Shipping to boot (Online Orders of $25+*).

  5. Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Emoji Shirt!

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    eLifeguard.com® set out to make a custom lifeguard emoji for lifeguards. It is way cool for lifeguards and is now available as a Lifeguard Emoji T-Shirt.

  6. Lifeguard Rash Guard

    Cover Up In Style!

    The best way for Lifeguards to protect their torso from harmful sun rays is by wearing a Lifeguard Rash Guard Shirt.

  7. Is Your Lifeguard Staff Ready For Memorial Day Weekend?


    As you know, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the Summer Season for many aquatics facilities across the US. Preparation usually starts months in advance and consists of many hours of hard work. Whether it be facility prep or #Lifeguard training, lifeguards are always up for the tasks at hand. Providing lifeguards with a stylish USA Lifeguard T-Shirt to wear is a great way to show lifeguards that you appreciate their dedication and hard work in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend. It also clearly identifies the presence of lifeguards to facility patrons for a professional look.

    Click Here to Shop USA Lifeguard T-Shirts Along with Our Other USA Lifeguard Products!

  8. Need a New Lifeguard T-Shirt?

    Lifeguard T-Shirt

    Lifeguard T-Shirts are an essential item for lifeguards to help them keep cool and also let facility patrons know that you are on duty and ready to help at a moments notice! To shop our large selection of Lifeguard T-Shirts click here: http://ss1.us/a/A2Twg6MW

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