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  1. California Lifeguards Dreamin' About This Tank Top!

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    In the Summer when it heats up in California, Lifeguards are ready to ditch the Lifeguard Hoodie and pull out the Lifeguard Tank Top. Right now as things start to cool off especially in parts of Central and Northern California, it doesn't take The Mamas & the Papas or The Beach Boys to start Lifeguards to do some California Lifeguard Tank Top Dreamin'.

    This week many Aquatics Professionals and Lifeguards are gathered together at Lake Arrowhead, California to stay up to date on all things Aquatics and Lifeguarding. The California Aquatic Management School will undoubtedly be teaching about new Lifeguard Products that are changing the Aquatics industry such as the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, Seal Quik™ Mask and the ER7™ Lifeguard Backboard.

    Photo left features a throwback to a Lifeguard from a day even before the famous California Dreamin' Song came out and the photo left is the current day Lifeguard Tank Top. For a female cut version of the Lifeguard Tank click here.

  2. Lifeguard Tank Time!

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    As summer draws closer and the weather heats up, Lifeguards are looking to a Lifeguard Tank Top to keep cool. Don't forget to use Sunscreen on those arms!

  3. Lifeguard Fills Tank!

    Lifeguard Tank Tops are the perfect way to keep sun off of a Lifeguard's core and stay cool at the same time. Lifeguard Tanks are just what the Lifeguard ordered!

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  4. Oxygen Tank Is Portable

    Lifeguards and First Responders need to be ready to save lives at a moment's notice! Having their First Aid Supplies portable can be the difference between life and death.

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  5. Lifeguard Tank Is Tops!

    Life Guard On!

    On a hot day in the sun Lifeguarding, Lifeguards want to stay cool in a Lifeguard Tank Top. Lifeguard Tank Tops are increasing in popularity among Lifeguards in recent years. Don't forget your sunscreen!

  6. Lifeguard Tank Top Is Tops!

    Top It Off!

    Are you looking for a high quality Lifeguard Tank Top? Well look no more! This 100% Cotton Tank Top is just what the Head Lifeguard ordered. Choose from a White or Lifeguard Red Top and you're good to go.

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