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  1. Lifeguard Rescue Tube Used Worldwide!

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    Lifeguards all around the World have come to depend on the revolutionary new LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube! The LIFE Tube is used Worldwide in both swimming pool and ocean / lakefront locations. The photo above shows Lifeguards (Salvavidas / Guardavidas) at a Latin American Lifesaving Conference in Argentina, South America demonstrating the advantages of the LIFE Rescue Tube over the old vinyl coated tubes. Whether it be locations throughout South America or beyond, Lifeguards from all Lifesaving backgrounds throughout the World are now switching to the industry changing LIFE Rescue Tube faster than any other Lifesaving device.

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  2. Lifeguard Rescue Tube Survives Fire!

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    Very unfortunately a fire recently destroyed much of the contents of a Lifeguard equipment room at an Aquatics facility in Indian River County, Florida. The fire did considerable damage to the lifeguard equipment with one notable exception, even after obviously being engulfed in flames, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube remained fully intact. The only damage inflicted was to the replaceable strap which was consumed. The new revolutionary Lifeguard industry changing LIFE Rescue Tube remained reusable in an emergency situation. The LIFE Tube is unmatched in quality, durability, and function.

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  3. European Waterparks Love This Lifeguard Chair!

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    Waterpark Operators from all across Europe are gathered together this week in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the IAAPA Euro Attractions Show. In their operation of Waterparks throughout Europe and the World, many of these Waterpark Attractions have fallen in love with the new Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack®. These maintenance free Lifeguard Chairs are made from Recycled Plastic EverLumber™. The Lifeguard Platform Chairs also come in a variety of exciting colors that can be matched to your Waterpark's theme colors.

    To see the new 1 Meter Platform Height (Designed Specifically for the European Market) Lifeguard Platform Chair click here!

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  4. Aquatics Directors Love Lifeguard Backboard!

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    Aquatics Directors from around the country are gathered this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of those Aquatics Directors are using and love the Lifeguard industry leader in Lifeguard specific Spine Boards, the ER7 Backboard. This revolutionary backboard was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. The ER7 Backboard is available in a variety of colors and is the best quality Lifeguard Backboard on the market. The ER7 Surpasses the competition! Click here to find out more.

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  5. Swim Instructors Love This Rescue Tube!

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is already the fastest selling Lifeguard Rescue Tube in the World, now Swim School Instructors are discovering this innovative industry changing product and what it can offer to their swim instruction programs. During swim instruction classes, swimmers can hold on to the Patented LIFE GRIPS™ to stay safe and close at hand to easily hear and pay attention to the the swim instructor. Also, the bright yellow color of the LIFE Tube is a favorite of swim instructors, as it can be easily seen by students. For more information about the amazing new LIFE Rescue Tube click here!

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  6. Lifeguards Throw Out Old Rescue Tubes!

    Discover New LIFE™ Rescue Tubes!

    Lifeguards throw out their old rescue tubes when they become ripped, torn, and absorb water and fluids. The old style vinyl rescue tubes that were first invented in the 1960s are now being replaced worldwide by the superior LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube. The new Lifeguard industry changing LIFE Tube is now the fastest selling rescue tube in the world. With a unsurpassed 3 year warranty and exclusive Patented features like a Replaceable Strap and Molded LIFE GRIPS™, the LIFE Rescue Tube is unmatched in its quality, function, and durability.

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  7. Hotéis Brasileiros adoram este produto de piscina

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    O colete salva-vidas é a maneira perfeita para as piscinas do hotel exibirem seus coletes salva-vidas para uso dos clientes. O colete salva-vidas é amado por hotéis no Brasil.

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  8. Wyoming Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Bag!

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    Lifeguards in Wyoming and all across the United States love the Lifeguard First Responder Bag! This unique Lifeguard Crash Bag is designed to separate and identify your important first response first aid items such as an AED and BVM.

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  9. Colorado Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Chair!

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    The new Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack® are loved by Colorado Lifeguards as well as Lifeguards all across the United States! These innovative new Patent Pending Lifeguard Chairs have unique and exclusive features not seen on other Lifeguard Chairs. Built with the highest quality furniture grade UV protected fluted PVC, these Lifeguard Platform Chairs also feature Marine grade polyethylene decking with proprietary SkidX™ no slip grip surface. The Lifeguard Chairs also include a 360 degree swivel seat for maximum lifeguard range of viewing and tilt back wheels for easy mobility.

    The Lifeguard Platform Chairs come in 3 Patent Pending models: LG 810 (One Step) Lifeguard Platform Chair, LG 820 (Two Step) Lifeguard Platform Chair, LG 830 (Three Step) Lifeguard Platform Chair

    The Lifeguard Platform Chairs also have a variety of exclusive optional accessories: LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder, Lifeguard Logo Sign, Umbrella Holder, Drink Holder, Lifeguard Umbrellas

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  10. North Dakota Lifeguards Love New Rescue Tube!

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    North Dakota Lifeguards along with Lifeguards all across the USA and Worldwide have fallen in love with the Lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube. The innovative new rescue device is used by Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionials at every type of aquatic facility including Pools, Waterparks, Beaches, Lazy Rivers, etc. The LIFE Rescue Tube will not absorb water and disintigrate like the old style vinyl coated tubes.

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