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    Express Yourself!

    The recycled plastic lifeguard chair is the future of lifeguard chairs. Unlike their steel counter parts, plastic lifeguard chairs do not rust, splinter, or rot. Also recycled plastic is good for the environment. Younger and older generations alike both have a great love for our world and endeavor to leave as small of an environmental impact as possible. A plastic lifeguard can also be made in a variety of vibrant colors. Colors such as Lifeguard Red, Aruba, and Orange easily stand out in a crowd. Colored lifeguard chairs allow facilities and lifeguards to express themselves! Do you want to EXPRESS YOURSELF?

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  2. Texas State University Lifeguards Say "Out With Old...."

    Lifeguards at Texas State University are starting the year off right replacing their old vinyl rescue tubes with the industry changing new LIFE Rescue Tubes. They had a little fun disposing of the old ones. Go Bobcats!

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  3. New Lifeguard Chair Perfect For Waterparks

    The new Lifeguard Platform Chair is the ideal lifeguard chair for waterparks and lazy rivers. For these settings it is important for lifeguards to be close to patrons for quick and easy accessibility. The unique swivel seat and large platform give the lifeguard wide range of sight whether sitting or standing. The recycled plastic material is not only good for the environment but is much more cost effective than similar steel chairs that are subject to rusting. The Lifeguard Platform Chair is a must have for waterparks and similar aquatic feature swimming pools.

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  4. FIRST Cocoa Beach LIFE Rescue Station Installed

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    North 1st Street, Cocoa Beach, FL – The City of Cocoa Beach along with the LIFE™ Rescue Project installed the first LIFE™ Rescue Station at 9 AM Wednesday. The drowning prevention device is the first of 35 that will be located at each beach access point in the city limits of Cocoa Beach. Late last year the Cocoa Beach City Commission voted unanimously to install the devices.

    The city plans to work with the LIFE™ Rescue Project to inform beach goers and vacationers as to the proper purpose and use of the devices. Cocoa Beach was chosen to be the pilot location for the drowning prevention endeavor. The project will be launched nationwide later this year.

    About the LIFE™ Rescue Project

    According to the CDC, 3,536 unintentional fatal drownings occurred each year, on average, from 2005 to 2014 in the United States.

    The LIFE™ Rescue Project was conceived in 2015 by former Lifeguard Instructor Mike Rogers and former Brevard County Ocean Rescue Chief Wyatt Werneth. Combining the redesigned LIFE™ Rescue Tube with the LIFE™ Rescue Station, Mike and Wyatt were focused on making Cocoa Beach the safest beach possible. Once they saw the need and enthusiasm for the LIFE™ Rescue Stations, they knew that their mission was to make every beach the safest it could possibly be and they have been focused on drowning prevention ever since. Chief Werneth is famous for saying “Always swim near a lifeguard or a LIFE™ Rescue Station”.



    265 Barnes Blvd

    Rockledge, FL 32955

    Phone: (321) 433-3630

    Fax: (321) 433-3631


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  5. Softie™ Rescue Board Makes Waves in New Lifeguard Manual!

    The American Red Cross recently released its revised Lifeguard Training manual. The® Softie™ Rescue Board is displayed throughout the rescue board training section in a wide array of detailed photos. Many of these new photos were taken at the Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, Illinois this past summer.

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  6. ER7™ Backboard Featured in New RED Cross Lifeguard Training Manual

    The® EMMOBILIZE™ ER7™ Backboard was prominently featured in the Spinal Injuries section of the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. This backboard is much superior to other similar models on the market due to the durability of the included Head Immobilizer Kit and other features such as the color-coded strap system.

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  7.® Patent Pending Lifeguard Bag Featured in New Lifeguard Manual

    The® customer favorite Lifeguard First Responder Bag showed up this week in the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. The Patent Pending lifeguard bag features a variety of labeled zippered compartments for all the essentials for first aid treatment of a victim.

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  8. The New LIFE™ Patrol Rescue Tube is Taking Hold for 2017!

    The New LIFE™ Patrol Rescue Tube is Taking Hold for 2017! The New Industry Changing Rescue Tube Made the Cover of Aquatics International Magazine New Products 2017 Issue. The Revolutionary LIFE GRIPS™ and Easy Grip™ Molded Surface Are Setting The Standard for the Lifeguard Industry. Click the Image Below to Find Out More.

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  9.® Products Featured In New Baywatch Movie!® is proud to have provided lifesaving equipment for the new Baywatch Movie that premieres in May 2017. Here is a screenshot from the official movie trailer which shows the® Softie™ Rescue Board!

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  10. Did you see the new article from Aquatics Intl magazine featuring the new LIFE™ Patrol Rescue Tube?

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