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  1. Lifeguards Speed Up Rescues!

    The Speed Entry™ Maneuver is a revolutionary new lifesaving entry that allows a rescuer to enter the water and reach a distressed or drowning swimmer at a much faster rate than older, slower entries such as the stride jump entry.

    The Speed Entry™ is not a dive and, if done correctly, the rescuer's head should never get wet. The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is positioned between the rescuer and the water, much like a small surfboard, allowing the rescuer upon contact with the water, to glide forward directly towards the victim at a fast rate of speed. The Speed Entry™ position also allows the rescuer to easily transition into a faster Surf Paddle™ approach and subsequently into one of the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube rescue maneuvers.

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  2. Rescue Tube Survives Hurricane

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    The destructive power of Hurricane Irma has caused loss of life, misery, and / or destruction for many thousands of residents of The United States and the Caribbean over the past week. With all of that bad news, we were pleased to see that the LIFE Rescue that we left outside by accident during the Hurricane was found undamaged, hundreds of feet from its original location wedged against a chain link fence. The LIFE Rescue Tube is used by Search & Rescue Teams nationwide including the Brevard County, Florida Sheriffs Department. Brevard County, along with most other Counties in Florida, was hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

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  3. New LIFE Rescue Tube Saving Lives Worldwide!

    Save Life!

    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now used by lifeguards and rescue professionals saving lives worldwide. Pictured here is a LIFE Rescue Tube strapped on a rescue kayak used by lifeguards (Salvavidas) at Lagos Del Rocio, Argentina.

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    Find Out More!

    The new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube is seen draped across a Lifeguard's lap at a new state of the art aquatics facility in Sammamish, Washington in the latest issue of Aquatics International Magazine.

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  5. Junior Lifeguards Using LIFE Rescue Tubes

    The Future of Lifesaving!

    Junior Lifeguards are the future of lifesaving. The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the rescue device of choice for many Junior Lifeguard Programs nationwide.

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  6. Baywatch Star Zac Efron Loved New Lifeguard Rescue Tube!

    Bay Watch!

    In this Lifeguard TV® interview of Baywatch Movie star Zac Efron he checks out the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube and loves it! The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the number one selling lifeguard rescue device in America.

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  7. LIFE Rescue Tubes Are The #1 Selling Tubes in America!

    Lifeguarding Reinvented!

    The LIFE Rescue Tubes are now being used by lifeguards in every state and major city in America. Aquatic facilities and beach locations nationwide are rapidly switching to this new updated technology. Pictured here is just one of the many orders going today of LIFE Rescue Tubes.

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  8. Oh Snap! The Hoff Signing The New LIFE Rescue Tube


    Did you watch the BAYWATCH Movie Premiere in Miami Beach last weekend? All of the movie's stars loved the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube! David Hasselhoff is seen here signing it. The new Rescue Tube is now the number 1 selling rescue tube in America and the "Go To" rescue device for facilities in all 50 states!

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  9. New Rescue Tubes Prove To Be Real LIFE Savers!

    The Rescue Tube Reinvented!™

    Article about a miraculous rescue using the new LIFE Rescue Tube just out in THE MELBOURNE Beachsider Magazine. The article tells the story of how, on this past Good Friday, former Ocean Rescue Chief Wyatt Werneth used the LIFE™ Rescue Tube to help save 5 Georgia teens who were caught in a rip current at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. After his heroic act, he humbly credited the flotation device as being the real hero. Werneth is the National Spokesperson for the LIFE™ Rescue Project.

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  10. Old Style Tubes Traded In For New LIFE Rescue Tubes

    Get a LIFE™ Tube!

    Check out the mountain of old style coated rescue tubes that a valued® customer just sent in. They traded in these old tubes in for the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tubes. The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the No. 1 Selling Rescue Tube in America.

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