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  1. Assorted Solid Color Whistle Lanyards Available in a Convenient 50 Pack!

    If you are looking for Whistle Lanyards that are available in multiple color options, then this is the Whistle Lanyard Pack for you! Every lanyard features a small, less bulky metal snap at the end of the lanyard that swivels 360 degrees to ensure the whistle will not hang at an awkward angle. With so many color options in this Whistle Lanyard Assorted Solid 50 pack, you'll find what you need!

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  2. These Wrist Coils Make Great Lifeguard Incentives!

    If you are looking for a way to show your appreciation for a hardworking lifeguard or aquatic professional, then look no further! These colored plastic Wrist Coils are just what you're looking for! These Wrist Coils with 7/8" steel split ring strap are perfect for lifeguards who want their whistle right at hand! They are available in a variety of color options and make great Lifeguard incentives!

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  3. With so Many Styles and Colors to Choose From, You'll Find the Perfect Whistle in Our Whistles Category!

    With so many styles and colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect whistle in our Whistles Category! From our LIFE™ Whistle to our Metal Whistle, you'll find the one for you!

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  4. This LIFE™ Whistle w/ SMG and Whistle Lanyard Combo is Ideal for Lifeguards and Other Water Safety Personnel!

    This LIFE™ Whistle w/ SMG and Whistle Lanyard Combo is ideal for lifeguards and other water safety personnel! The whistle features a Soft Mouth Grip that provides comfort and both the whistle and lanyard are available in many color choices. Order yours today!

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  5. This LIFE™ Whistle and Whistle Lanyard Combo is Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This LIFE™ Whistle and Whistle Lanyard Combo is perfect for lifeguards! This convenient whistle and lanyard combo is available in many color options! Whether you choose to have matching colors or two different colors, you'll find the perfect combination for you and your lifeguards!

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  6. Mini LIFE™ Whistle Emits the Ultimate Loudest, High-Pitch, and Shrillest Tone!

    This Mini LIFE™ Whistle is ideal for lifeguards, water safety personnel, referees, teachers and more! Its three chamber pealess whistle design emits the ultimate loudest, high-pitch, and shrillest tone! Pealess design has no pea to become stuck and muffle whistle sound. With so many color options, you'll find the perfect one for you!

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  7. Plastic Whistle-Assorted 50 Pack is Perfect for Any Aquatics Facility!

    The Plastic Whistle - Assorted 50 Pack is perfect for anyone wanting a great whistle in a variety of colors! This assorted 50 pack includes many color options and offers extreme value! Perfect for any aquatics facility or any facility where whistles are needed.

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  8. The Plastic Whistle is a Great Whistle for a Great Price!

    Looking for a great whistle for a great price? This Plastic Whistle is just what you're looking for! This whistle is injection molded plastic and is available in many colors! Ideal for Lifeguards!

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  9. The LIFE™ Whistle is a must-have!

    The LIFE™ Whistle is a must-have! The unique design of this three chamber pealess whistle emits a high-pitch, loud and shrill tone. No pea to become stuck and inhibit whistle sound! With so many color options, you'll find the perfect whistle! Ideal for lifeguards, lifeguard instructors, water safety personnel, referees, and teachers! 

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  10. High Quality Metal Whistles are Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This high quality metal whistle,1 7/8" in length, with tapered mouthpiece is a great value! If you're looking for a great whistle for a great price, then this metal whistle is just what you need! Perfect for lifeguards or anyone needing a high quality whistle!

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