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  1. Lifeguard Products Introduced At USLA Meeting

    Shop Now!® was excited to be on hand at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Spring Board Meeting & Educational Conference in Long Beach, California this past week. It is a pleasure to help sponsor this Lifeguard event and also to support the American Lifeguard Magazine. New Lifeguard Products that were introduced to USLA Lifeguards at the Conference were the LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube, the LIFE™ Rescue Belt, and the LIFE™ Tube Coil Leash.

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  2. Lifeguards Get A Grip!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes!

    Now that Lifeguards are switching from old vinyl rescue tubes to the Lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube, they are discovering the innovative new features. One such feature of the LIFE Tube that Lifeguards love is the Patented Molded-In LIFE GRIPS™. LIFE GRIPS make holding on to the rescue tube easy for both Lifeguards and victims.

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  3. Lifeguard Tank Time!

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    As summer draws closer and the weather heats up, Lifeguards are looking to a Lifeguard Tank Top to keep cool. Don't forget to use Sunscreen on those arms!

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  4. Innovative Kickboard Glides Across Cocoa Beach!

    Shop GLIDE™ Kickboard!

    If you were out and about at Cocoa Beach, Florida this past weekend, you may have seen the innovative GLIDE™ Kickboard in action. This amazing surf style Kickboard can shred waves with the best of them. Uniquely design to glide across surf and water like a knife through hot butter, the GLIDE will never disappoint! Whether you are out Bodyboarding or Swim / Lifeguard Training, the GLIDE is the board for you. Shown above, the GLIDE Kickboard demonstrates a secure new place to store your swim goggles when not in use.

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  5. Beach Lifeguards Love New Rescue Tube!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes

    The industry changing new LIFE™ Rescue Tube has become commonplace at many Beach Lifeguard Stations recently. The Patented LIFE™ Rescue Tube has design features that are loved by Beach Lifeguards including the molded in LIFE GRIPS™ and Replaceable Strap. The Tube Strap can be connected to a variety of options ideal for Ocean Rescue such as the LIFE™ Rescue Belt and the LIFE™ Tube Coil Leash. The LIFE Tube won't rip and tear like the old style vinyl peterson tubes that absorb water over time presenting a potential biohazard situation. Also, the softer LIFE Tube does not pose a blunt force injury threat to the victim like a Rescue Can.

    What lifeguard trainers & lifeguards are saying:

    "Just received the new Rescue Buoy - needless to say, I’m very impressed with the design, manufacture, and durability of this product. We will attempt to use it during tomorrow’s Ice Rescue Technician course, and am very much looking forward to using it during our spring Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Programs"

    "Thanx for posting more videos of new tubes. Our Instructors are very impressed and excited about them. They are showing your videos in class this week."

    "The tube looks amazing! It is exactly what our USLA chapter imagined."

    "The tubes have indeed arrived. They are amazing. We have completely switch over to your tubes!"

    "This is the best innovation in lifeguarding since I became a lifeguard"

    "The 7 second swim video sold me! I haven't used the tube yet but I am SO excited to train with it and use it in the beach environment this season!!"

    "We absolutely love our new life rescue tubes."

    "We love our life rescue tubes because of their durability and their buoyancy."

    "We are happy with the LIFE tubes, and even our state inspector was impressed with them!"

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  6. New Rescue Tube Perfect For Waterparks

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes

    Waterparks have special needs when it comes to Lifeguarding and the use of Rescue Tubes. Many Waterpark Lifeguards use a longer 50" Rescue Tube to meet the specific needs of their Waterpark, Lazy River, or Zero Entry Pool. The Patented design of the LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube is perfect for Waterparks. The increased length and the molded in LIFE GRIPS™ allow Lifeguards to perform reach assists to victims (guests in distress) in a far superior manner than the old outdated vinyl tubes that have no grips and are often very slippery. In addition, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube will last much longer which will save Waterparks money.

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  7. Want a Lifeguard T-Shirt for $2.99?

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    Hey Lifeguards! Is your Lifeguard T-Shirt showing some wear? Did you spill Chlorine on it? Is the white color now sweat gray? Solution - You need a new Lifeguard T-Shirt! Do you have 3 bucks handy? Throw in a few more items like a cool Lifeguard Cap and a Lifeguard Sweatshirt and you are getting Free Shipping to boot (Online Orders of $25+*).

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  8. New Rescue Tube Reinvents Lifeguarding!

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    The industry changing new LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the #1 selling rescue tube in the world! Lifeguards & Lifeguard Agencies across the United States and around the World have been switching to use of the LIFE™ Tube at supersonic speed. The Patented rescue enhancing features and unmatched durability of the LIFE Rescue Tube are making the upgrade an easy decision for Lifeguards.

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  9. Seal Quik Mask Now Lifeguard Industry Standard!

    The Seal Quik™ Lifeguard Mask is used by more Lifeguards than any other seal mask. The innovative Patent Pending features of the Seal Quik have catapulted it to be the dominant mask of its type in the Lifeguard industry. The American Red Cross, the nation's largest Lifeguard Training & Certification Agency, displays the Seal Quik Mask as the only Seal Mask it offers it's Lifeguards. The Seal Quik Mask was also named the Best Lifeguard Product of 2017 by Lifeguard Times™.

    Below are a few of the Patent Pending design features of the Seal Quik Mask:

    • Patient Airway Direct O2 Inlet

    • 360° Grip Easy™ Hand Placement

    • Optional Use Head Strap

    • Recessed Air Refill Valve

    The above Patent Pending features have never before been available on a seal mask and are only available on the Seal Quik Mask!

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  10. Lifeguard Cap Keeps Lifeguards Cool!

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    The Lifeguard season is heating up and Lifeguards have to stay cool. Mission accomplished with the Lifeguard Xtreme Cooling Cap! By using the slow or passive evaporative headliner in the band of the Lifeguard Xtreme Cooling Cap you will be up to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. The outer layer is made of 100% lightweight breathable material which wicks away the heat while the evolutionary liner slowly evaporates keeping you cool.

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