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  1. Swimpants.com™ Pop Display Swimpants Refill Makes it Convenient When Your Swimpants.com™ Pop Floor Display is Ready for a Refill!


    Swimpants.com™ Pop Display Swimpants Refill makes it convenient when your Swimpants.com™ Pop Floor Display is ready for a refill! Each refill includes 48 individually wrapped swimpants.

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  2. Let Swimpants.com™ Swimpants Help You Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly and Your Guests Happy!


    Let Swimpants.com™ Swimpants help you keep your facility running smoothly and your guests happy! Swimpants.com™ Swimpants don't swell up with water like diapers, are comfortable, and will help keep your pool clean. Reduce the risk of patron health danger and facility closure by providing Swimpants.com™ disposable swimpants at your facility!

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  3. Swimpants.com™ POP Floor Display with Disposable Swim Diapers Makes it Convenient for Your Patrons to Purchase Disposable Swimpants at Your Facility!


    Swimpants.com™ POP Floor Display with Disposable Swim Diapers makes it convenient for your patrons to purchase disposable swimpants at your facility! Each display includes 48 individually wrapped swimpants and holds three rows of swim diapers which allows your patrons easy access. Easy to move, easy to place, order yours today!

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  4. The Regulatory Swim Area Buoy is a Must-Have for Your Swim Area!

    The Regulatory Swim Area Buoy is a must-have for your swim area! Designed to float upright with 35-40 lb of chain or equivalent weight and its 12" diameter base rises 40" plus above the water line for excellent visibility makes this a great Regulatory Swim Area Buoy!

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  5. The economy Swim Area Buoy is an Affordable Buoy that is Ideal for Marking Swim Areas!

    The economy Swim Area Buoy is an affordable buoy that is ideal for marking swim areas! Its solid high-density polystyrene foam body is coated with white marine enamel. Order yours today!

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  6. Exclusive Stylish Women's Lifeguard "Swim" Shorts!

    Our Exclusive Women's Lifeguard "Swim" Shorts are both stylish and functional. Featuring an elastic waistband, two needle hemmed leg, Lifeguard logo included and are made of 100% Nylon. They are useful in or out of the water as they can be used as a swimsuit cover up as well as a swim short. Convenient for busy lifeguards!

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  7. Swim Instructors Love This Rescue Tube!

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is already the fastest selling Lifeguard Rescue Tube in the World, now Swim School Instructors are discovering this innovative industry changing product and what it can offer to their swim instruction programs. During swim instruction classes, swimmers can hold on to the Patented LIFE GRIPS™ to stay safe and close at hand to easily hear and pay attention to the the swim instructor. Also, the bright yellow color of the LIFE Tube is a favorite of swim instructors, as it can be easily seen by students. For more information about the amazing new LIFE Rescue Tube click here!

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  8. New Surf Swim Fin Coming Soon!

    A new Surf Swim Fin called KNIFiN™ is coming Spring 2019 to a Barreling Ocean Wave near you! The KNIFiN will be the Most Powerful, Most Comfortable Surf Swim Fin on the Planet. Stay Tuned!

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  9. Disposable Swim Diapers Display Well!

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    Lifeguards must protect their swimming pools, waterparks, beaches, and other aquatics facilities from E. coli contamination. Does your aquatics facility have a plan? Do you offer Disposable Swim Diapers for facility patrons? The Swimpants.com™ POP Floor Display filled with Disposable Swim Diapers is a valuable part of a strategy to protect your patrons!

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  10. Water Fins Loved For Swim Versatility!

    Shop Skwim™ Fins!

    As many involved in water sports and game play are finding out, Skwim™ is creating a new, long awaited re-invigoration into the world of aquatics. One aspect that some may have overlooked is the amazing versatility of the game's footwear and the benefits that they can provide. In addition to being the go to footwear for their namesake sport, Skwim Fins are ideal for most every water activity, swim training, Masters Swimming, Learn-to-Swim, Swim Schools, Aquatic Fitness, Water Running, Open Water Swimming, Snorkeling, Small Wave Bodysurfing and much more.

    Skwim Fins are easy to pack, lightweight, great for water safety, and balance propulsion. They also provide correct biofeedback to the user on correct kick form and technique, and unlike any other fin on the market, they are great for all water strokes!

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