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  1. This Recycled Plastic Rescue Equipment Caddy is Perfect for Lifeguards!


    Lifeguards use a lot of equipment and this Recycled Plastic Rescue Equipment Caddy provides a convenient way to keep their equipment organized and in one place. It is designed to hold one rescue can, 2+ rescue boards and umbrellas! Sturdy construction - lasts for years! Perfect for lifeguards!

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  2. The Lifeguard Equipment Duffel Provides a Convenient and Functional Way to Carry Your Lifeguard Equipment!

    Are you a lifeguard looking for a convenient and functional way to carry your lifeguard equipment after a long day at work? The Lifeguard Equipment Duffel is just what you need! Its unique ventilated mesh design allows equipment to dry and air out and includes a LIFEGUARD imprint making this the perfect duffel for lifeguards!

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  3. The Lifeguard Equipment Bag is the Ideal Bag for Lifeguards!

    Having trouble finding the right bag to carry your Lifeguard equipment after being in the pool or ocean? The Lifeguard Equipment Bag is the perfect solution! Features 100% Quik™ dry Nylon mesh, shoulder strap cord with lock and Personal ID tag with lifeguard logo making this the ideal equipment bag!

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  4. Carry Your Lifeguard Essentials in this Convenient Lifeguard Mesh Bag!

    If you're looking for a more convenient way to carry your lifeguard essentials, then the Lifeguard Mesh Bag is just what you need! This personal lifeguard mesh equipment bag has adjustable backpack straps, drawstring and mesh fabric that allows wet items to breathe for faster drying.  Perfect for any lifeguard or aquatic professional!

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  5. eLifeguard.com® Supports USLA Lifeguards!

    Did you see the most recent issue of American Lifeguard Magazine? eLifeguard.com® Supports USLA Lifeguards! United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Lifeguards are among the best in the world. Their dedication and commitment to excellence is second to none. eLifeguard.com® is proud to support these heroes with a special Lifeguard Uniform and Equipment Purchase Program, by advertising in the USLA's American Lifeguard Magazine, and exhibiting at USLA sanctioned events.

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  6. What is the Speed Entry™?

    The Speed Entry™ Maneuver is a revolutionary new lifesaving entry that allows a rescuer to enter the water and reach a distressed or drowning swimmer at a much faster rate than older, slower entries such as the stride jump entry.

    The Speed Entry™ is not a dive and, if done correctly, the rescuer's head should never get wet. The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is positioned between the rescuer and the water, much like a small surfboard, allowing the rescuer upon contact with the water, to glide forward directly towards the victim at a fast rate of speed. The Speed Entry™ position also allows the rescuer to easily transition into a faster Surf Paddle™ approach and subsequently into one of the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube rescue maneuvers.

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  7. State of the Art Lifeguard Bag Receives Patent Pending Status!

    Lifeguard First Responder Bag

    To See A Video of the Lifeguard First Responder Bag, Click Below:

    Unmatched in the industry, this state of the art lifeguard bag received patent pending status! Finally a first responder bag that is labeled and ready to go! Durable water-resistant polyester. Dimensions: 22"” x 16"” x 12"”. No more guessing what each pocket contains. With the large print on each pocket, it is easy to identify the contents of each compartment.

    Pockets Hold:

    1. OXYGEN
    2. AED (Item #23300)
    3. SUCTION
    4. ADULT BVM (Item #34X)
    5. CHILD BVM (Item #34X)

    All Items are sold separately.

    Patent Pending

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