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  1. Lifeguard Board Shorts, Great Quality for a Great Value!

    If you're looking for great quality boards short for a great value, these Lifeguard Board Shorts are just what you're looking for! These popular board shorts are made of 100% Sanded Polyester with double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist and 2 reinforced side pockets, with Lifeguard logo included. Perfect addition to your lifeguard uniform!

  2. Lifeguard "Classic" Board Shorts are Ideal for Any Aquatic Professional!

    Lifeguard "Classic" Board Shorts are ideal for any aquatic professional! Made of 100% Polyester, a strong soft fabric that dries quickly and 100% Nylon Lining with a super soft durable mesh liner. You'll find both durability and comfort wth these Classic Board Shorts!

  3. Lifeguard "Standard" Board Shorts are Ideal for Lifeguards!

    Are you looking for great quality lifeguard board shorts? Then these Lifeguard "Standard" Board Shorts are just what you need! Made of 100% Polyester, a strong soft fabric that dries quickly and features super soft durable mesh liner and embroidered lifeguard logo. These are ideal for Lifeguards or anyone looking for quality board shorts!

  4. Lifeguard Waterman™ Board Shorts are Ideal for Lifeguards and Aquatic Professionals!

    The Lifeguard Waterman™ Board Short's unique polyester stretch fabric flexes with the movement of your body and dries quickly. Features include Velcro®-free fly, on-seam zippered Quik™ drain, lifeguard pocket, surfboard waxcomb and embroidered lifeguard logo, making them ideal for lifeguards and any aquatic professional!

  5. Lifeguard "Basic" Shorts, Quality Shorts For a Great Value!

    If you're looking for a great value, but don't want to compromise on quality, then these Lifeguard "Basic" Shorts are just what you're looking for! Exclusively from eLifeguard.com®, the Lifeguard "Basic" Shorts feature double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist, 2 reinforced side pockets, Key pocket, Mesh liner and printed lifeguard logo. Great value for a great product!

  6. Exclusive Stylish Women's Lifeguard "Swim" Shorts!

    Our Exclusive Women's Lifeguard "Swim" Shorts are both stylish and functional. Featuring an elastic waistband, two needle hemmed leg, Lifeguard logo included and are made of 100% Nylon. They are useful in or out of the water as they can be used as a swimsuit cover up as well as a swim short. Convenient for busy lifeguards!

  7. NEOSTRETCH® Board Shorts are the Ultimate in Comfort and Style!

    If you are looking for something unique and comfortable to complete your Lifeguard uniform, the NEOSTRETCH® Board Shorts are the perfect shorts for you! Their exclusive proprietary NEOSTRETCH® fabric flexes with the movement of your body & dries quickly. The unique polyester & spandex blend offers the ultimate in comfort & style!

  8. Classic Board Shorts Especially Designed For Women!

    If you're looking for a Classic Board Short especially designed for women, then look no further! The Women's "Classic" Board Shorts are just what you're looking for! Featuring a Quik™ drain Velcro® lifeguard pocket with stitched drain hole, Double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist, 100% chlorine-resistant nylon and includes embroidered lifeguard logo.

  9. Surfer™ Board Shorts Are The Way To Go!

    Whether you're looking for a long surfer style Board Short or just something new to add to your Lifeguard wardrobe, these Lifeguard Surfer™ Board Shorts are the way to go! Made of strong, soft 100% Polyester Microfiber, does not retain water and features a right side Quik™ drain Velcro® lifeguard pocket.

  10. Complete Your Lifeguard Wardrobe With Lifeguard Surfies™!

    Lifeguard Surfies™ have a longer surf style 9" inseam, making them perfect for any Lifeguard or aquatics professional. These stylish board shorts feature a Velcro®-free fly with snap closure that will not stick to or tear at your swimsuit like other shorts and have a Small Quik™ drain Velcro® side pocket. Embroidered lifeguard logo included on lower left leg, perfect for lifeguards!

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